Nadia “The Tiny Rebel” – Miss December 2013

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Nadia Miss DecemberBeing Tunisian & First-Generation American, Raised Between Two Conflicting Cultures, I’ve Carved My Own Path & Express My Individuality Through Hobbies & Passions Deemed “Taboo” Amongst My Family & Colleagues But Well Embraced By My Kin.

Brought Up By A Family Full Of Doctors, Influenced By Muslim Principles, I Have Learned To Respect Myself & Plan To Attain My Goal Of One Day Helping People As A Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon.

I Wear My Tattoos With Pride Despite The Shame It May Bring To My Family, I Express Myself Through The Art I Wear On My Skin, Create With My Makeup, And Generate Through My Modeling.

Loosing 40 lbs. Inspired The Start Of My Modeling Career In May Of 2012, I Take Every Shoot Seriously, & Love Playing With Make-Up & New Concepts. I Do Not Need To Be Directed & Strive To Create A Variety Of Looks Throughout Each Shoot But Can Take Direction Very Well.

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