The Answer – New Horizon

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The Answer(Napalm Records)

Irish rockers, The Answer return with their highly anticipated release, ‘New Horizon’. This is the band’s fourth release. While some may have thought the lads might have lost a step with their last outing, ‘Revival’ (which I loved), the new album will certainly erase any of those doubts. The band set a very high benchmark with their debut, comparisons with Led Zeppelin and Free can only raise expectations so subsequent albums are bound to be subject to close scrutiny. I will always hold ‘Rise’ as an all-time classic, but after just one listen, I have to say ‘Horizon’ is their most consistent and cohesive album. The lads are definitely back in rocking form with this monster of a recording. From the opening title track the band have your undivided attention as they proceed to rock your senses with, “Leave With Nothin”, the leadoff single, “Spectacular”, “Speak Now” and “Call Yourself A Friend”. All thirteen tracks are gems. Cormac Neeson’s vocals are on point and sound more powerful than ever. Paul Mahon’s guitar work as expected is to be commended with riffs that will give you goose bumps. The rhythm section of bassist, Mick Waters and drummers James Heatley are rock solid. These lads have sure come a long way growing up listening to their parents’ record collection to becoming one of best rock bands in the world. They serve up music that has guts, power and loads of skill capturing perfectly the excitement and joy of the shared experience that is pure Rock `n Roll. Hats off to Toby Jepson for an amazing job with the production for capturing the band’s pure rock and roll power. ‘New Horizon’ is a terrific ride of an album that shows how joyful and exuberant music can and should be experienced. Classic Rock is alive and well in the 21st Century! Welcome back boys, so good to hear from you again!

Highly Recommended

Tony aka The Atomic Chaser @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine