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Amelia ScaliesAmelia Scalies Should Have Known Better Than to Work with Music

Pennsylvania indie singer song writing artist Amelia Scalies age 14, has the passion, talent, and pride as a writer of sorts when it comes to making music. She’s been connecting and moving audiences well beyond her years since her musical career began. She has in-depth yet deep and powerful lyrics that offer universal insight into the human experience and personal lifestyles that people face today. Her debut full-length album “I Should’ve Known” takes 11-tracks and one cover tune that really captures the true essence and experience of what she is here to do. As such, Amelia Scalies herself discusses her debut album and what has inspired her in coming this far in life both musically and typically in her everyday life.

1. Introduce yourself, tell me what you do as Amelia Scalies, and how long have you been an artist?

Amelia: My name is Amelia and I am 14 years old. I have been writing stories, music and novels for many years. I have been playing the violin since 3rd grade and playing guitar for a few years. I’ve been performing live for about 3 years.

2. Tell us the brief history of you as an artist, how did you get your start and why did you want to do what you’re doing as an artist?

Amelia: My first live show was in my 7th grade talent show. I performed Taylor Swift’s “Mean”. This was the first time I sang and played guitar on stage.

3. Where are you based out of and what is your music scene like there? Are there any local artists/bands you could recommend?

Amelia: I live and perform in the Philadelphia, Pa and Wilmington, De. The local area has an excellent music scene. There are fantastic venues like the World Cafe’s, The Legendary Dobbs, The TLA, and others that welcome local and national indie artists. Some of the great bands in the Philly area are WaveRadio, John & Brittany, Amber Ladd, Dan Orlando, Glim Dropper, The Defused and many more.

4. Why did you want to name this act after yourself as Amelia Scalies? What does that mean and represent for what you do?

Amelia: While someday I’d like to be part of a band, at my age, it is just easier to negotiate performing as a solo act.

5. What/who first inspired you to get into music?

Amelia: My parents have been very influential in my love of music. My parents exposed me to music in utero. When I was born, there was always music playing in my home. Classical, opera, pop, rock and alternative.  Who was your first favorite artist/band? When I was younger, I was a big Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift fan. For the past few years I have been more into alternative music. Bands like My Chemical Romance, All Time Low, Mayday Parade, Black Veil Brides, Paramore and others have filled my iPod. In addition, I have been enjoying some indie music from the UK. Namely, Lucks Lane and Expected Boy.

6. What/who is your biggest motivational musical inspiration?

Amelia: I would have to say my father. He ran a record store for many years while he put himself through college and we would spend hours listening to all kinds of music.

7. If you could play in any band, what band would it be and why?

Amelia: My Chemical Romance because they understand how the underdog / outcasts feel and how even the “different” people are special.

8. What do you hope to achieve as an artist?

Amelia: I want to connect to people through my music. I like to interpret every day interactions and how people feel about these interactions.  What do the next five years look like for you? Well, I have to finish high school and think about college. I will simultaneously keep writing, recording and touring.

9. Do you hope to have a band someday or do you plan on going solo for most of your career? Why?

Amelia: I would love to find band mates that take their writing and music as serious as I do. I have plenty of time to be in a band so right now it is just easier to write and perform solo.

10. What are your songs about? (What specific themes do they cover?)

Amelia: I write about relationships, friendships, betrayal, love and I also have a song with an anti-bullying theme.

11. Do you write your own songs?

Amelia: Yes. All the songs on my debut album were written and composed by myself (Except for my cover of My Chemical Romance’s “Welcome to the Black Parade”). I write all the time. All of these songs on this album were written when I was 12 or under. When I write I write from the heart. I then will review the lyrics and if I think they are good, I start thinking about melody and what instruments I might like for the song.

12. What’s your take on I Should’ve Known as a whole?

Amelia: I think the album is very eclectic and I’m proud of that. Some of the tracks were written years ago when I was in my Taylor Swift phase. Songs like “Macey Brown” and “Rose Blossom” have that feel. Other songs have more of a alternative rock feel. In addition, I have a few slow to mid tempo songs with heartfelt themes.

13. What’s your favorite song on the album right now?

Amelia: I would say that, right now, “Memory” is my favorite track. Dark, tribal sound around reflective lyrics of betrayal.

14. Is it important for you to paint visual pictures with the songs?

Amelia: Yes. I try and connect deeply with my lyrics and feel that the listener can sense that connection.

15. What would be the cinematic equivalent of I Should’ve Known?

Amelia: Not so sure. 🙂

16. Where is the new material headed?

Amelia: More introspective, darker and of more controversial.  The next record will have more of a consistent rock – alt/rock vibe.

17. What are your dreams and goals?

Amelia: I would love to be able to connect with people through my music. I would love for my music to support me throughout my life.

18. What do you think about downloading music online?

Amelia: Music downloading is the current nature of music. In my opinion, folks need to be exposed to an artist’s music and downloading allows artists to get exposure.

19. What’s your outlook on the record industry today?

Amelia: Today’s record industry is very complex. I’m not sure at 14 I really understand it all. I think the bigger issue is the glut of music that is available. Everyone with a laptop and protocols can make a CD. Therefore, there is simply more music produced than anyone could possibly digest. Simply, the supply far outweighs the demand.

20. What’s your claim to fame?

Amelia: My debut single “More Than Words” has spent 13 weeks on the Friday Morning Quarterback charts and is currently at #38 and still climbing.

21. Tell us a story about a day in your life.

Amelia: My normal day consists of school, chores, writing and rehearsing.

22. What inspires you to do what you do?

Amelia: I simply love words and music. In addition, I want other people that might be going through some things in their life to understand I know how they feel.

23. What advice would you give to fellow artists/bands?

Amelia: I’m not sure I am in a place to give advice to anyone but I will say it all starts with the writing.

24. How does music affect you and the world around you?

Amelia: My world revolves around music. Most of my day is used listening to, writing and creating music.

25. What are the biggest obstacles for artists/bands?

Amelia: I think the biggest obstacles to bands is getting heard. Like I stated above, there is simply too large of a supply of music. Therefore, you have to write music, record music, market the music, tour and build a fan base, just to get noticed in today’s world.

26. How do you describe your music to people?

Amelia: Passionate, intense, and sometimes, a bit angry. 🙂

27. What should labels/zines/promoters know about you? Why should they be interested in it?

Amelia: I am an intensely focused individual with a insatiable love of writing and music. I think the feedback that I have received from promoters, listeners and venues is that they are highly impressed with my writing and my ability to connect with the audience during live shows.

28. Where can we listen to your band and where can we buy your stuff?

Amelia: At the following websites of course. 🙂

29. What plans do you have for the future?

Amelia: My current plan is to tour regionally to support I Should’ve Know and to build a fan base, continue to add songs to the 200+ new songs, I have added to my catalog, and to keep up with my school and family obligations.

30. Anything else you’d like to say or add?

Amelia: I would love to thank all the folks that have been so supportive of my music. Namely my family, friends and all the folks that have downloaded, purchased and shared my music. Every listener counts – and I thank each one for their support. In addition, I had some great studio musicians that were very kind to help a young lady make a record. Props to Chris Cotter (Drums), Colin McGetrick (Guitar) and James McLaughlin (Keys) for helping make such wonderful music.