Scott LaFlamme’s Solo Career Catching Fire

Scott LaFlamme

While best known as the guitarist for Bang Tango, Scott LaFlamme is also the founder of a cutting edge music instruction business called LaFlamme Music Instruction Studios. Scott caters his instruction to each student’s abilities, knowledge, strengths and weaknesses, depending on the student’s individual needs. With his hands on teaching techniques and precise ear training students have learned at an accelerated pace and leave each lesson feeling accomplished and eager for the next session.  For many years there has been a great demand for openings with Scott and coupled with the love he has for teaching has led to the success of LMI Studios. At LMI, students not only learn musical theory, technique, and how to play but have the opportunity to record each lesson or book studio sessions, as well as use of the studio for a rehearsal room for song writing, or just straight out jam sessions.  There are endless possibilities of what students can accomplish at LMI, and Scott welcomes each new student or client into their continued amount of success they can accomplish if they have the drive to want to succeed in the music business.

All Access Magazine (AAM) recently interviewed Scott (SL). Here’s how it went.

AAM: Let’s discuss your solo music career, outside of Bang Tango. How is it progressing?

SL: Well, as for my one-man shows, it’s comprised of music that’s very varied, everything from the 50’s to today’s music. It encompasses all the artists I grew up listening to like Buddy Holly, The Beatles, America, and The Eagles, all the way to groups of today like Shinedown.  I plan on playing while we are on break for a short time. I am currently also working with my brothers’ re-recording some of our old catalog of songs from former bands I played in such as Silent Cry, and Blind Tyger. Having a lot of fun for sure.

AAM: Why did you get into rock ‘n’ roll in the first place?

SL: I was five years old when I received my first acoustic guitar, then nine years old when I got my first electric guitar, and I distinctly remember my grandmother saying “No nine-year old needs an electric guitar” (Scott laughs). It was really awesome, because I grew up in a very musical family. My father was a drummer for a band in the 60’s called “Little Eddie and The Shakedown’s.” They originally were almost signed to Capital or Columbia back then. We always had music playing around our house; either Fats Domino,Buddy Holly, or Chuck Berry. Then we have my mother’s side which was more melodic with artists like The Seekers (and) The Everly Brothers, so we had a lot of vocal harmony growing up. The rock side of things was from my Uncle Ron with whom I would listen to Van Halen, Ozzy, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Ted Nugent, and Black Sabbath. We had a very eclectic musical background. Then at the age of eleven, that’s when I decided I wanted to do this for a living.

AAM: Talk about LMI Studio, how it began, and what all goes on there?

I began teaching at the age of fourteen, and mostly jamming with my family. Then school friends came to me and asked how to play songs, so I taught them what I could, realizing, ‘wow this is so cool.’ And I really took a liking to teaching from that point – to be able to show someone something and have them play it in front of you, I thought, was great. I had also always wanted yo own my own recording studio since around the age of sixteen. That’s how old I was when I first walked into a real studio, and watching what goes on….was very interesting to me from a very young age learning engineering, mixing, I really loved it. Ear training was so important also. I opened LMI Studios around 3 1/2 years ago  It is a full recording studio, as well as a back-lined rehearsal studio. Having national artists there like ShineDown was very cool too. We also offer digitalization as well, taking cassette tapes or VHS and making them into a CD or a DVD, and enhancing the audio and video for our clients.  After touring all around the country I realized that there wasn’t any fully back-lined rehearsal studios at all in western Massachusetts (where I live), so I built one. At LMI Studio I also teach guitar, bass, vocal, and piano; and my brother teaches drums.  I also work with students developing their ears, what to listen for like tones, pitch, notes, etc. Here at LMI Studio my goal is to take a student and help them to achieve their goal of learning music.  Also teaching them song structure, how to create songs, I love what I do and each of my students appreciates my love of teaching and helping to develop their talent and skills.

AAM: What do you see as some of the emerging trends in the music business?

SL: To begin with a lot of today’s music is about downloading songs. Bback in the day people were fans of bands…unfortunately today people are becoming fans of songs and not the band. I can remember when you heard a bands name mentioned on the radio and the station was going to be playing their newest single, and you sat by the radio waiting for the new song to be played for hours. Being excited to hear it for the first time, well that feeling has gone away for today’s fans.  It’s sad for the real true band lovers out there of my generation, I hope that someday the record companies will push bands again.

AAM: Playing out live, do you personally prefer the East or West coast, and why?

SL: That’s an easy one for me, the West Coast, I guess it’s probably because my whole life I have wanted to live and play on the West Coast and when I finally had the opportunity to play there I really enjoyed it.  Having been able to play on such famous stages as some of my idols, and sharing the stage with them as well….I am having a blast and enjoy being able to tour while “Living The Dream.”

AAM: Every rocker of note has one, so we know you do – let’s hear one of your juicy stories of “life on the road in a rock ‘n’ roll band”?

SL: Haha, sometimes you have shows when the fans can get very close to the stage….Well, at this particular show my wife was there and seeing that she was with me, this woman in front row ran her hand up my leg and grabbed my junk, I was absolutely shocked – as was my wife who watched the whole thing happen in front of her. So this woman after the show at our merch table area looks at her (my wife) and says “thanks for letting me grab your husband.” That was totally out of the blue and a first for me while being out on tour.

AAM: Share some of your strategy for how Scott LaFlamme plans to conquer the music business in the next five years?

SL: As a guitarist I want to continue to succeed globally.  My goal is to stay out there touring, keeping my name out there as much as I can, playing as many shows as I can, touring everywhere I am able to. I love performing live, it is my addiction to play in front of live audiences; hopefully gaining new fans when touring while at the same time making sure LMI Studio gains success globally.  I enjoy what I do for sure, just being able to make a living at music, you have to liken that to hitting the lottery. So in my opinion I have done that, and will never take my success for granted. It took me too long to get where I am.  This business is a roller-coaster and I will enjoy the ride all the way till the end.

AAM: Where can people find out more about you (i.e. website, Facebook, etc.)?

SL:They can visit or Also friend request me @

This has been a very fun interview, thank you for the opportunity!! Keep Rockin’ !!!!
Scott LaFlamme