SAXON is Unplugged and all Strung Up

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With over four decades of metal music and under the label since 1981 of “The New Wave of British Heavy Metal” with first single or song to gain attention of US rock radio was “Princess of the Night”. With their catalog of many album, singles, including “The Best” of or “Greatest Hits” where there songs are on historical facts, attitude, anthems and life. And with humor the Spinal Tap of being on so many record labels. So I when I read another best of being released after their current release Sacrifice. The street date is November 18 and the digipack is a two disc set that has “Heavy Metal Thunder” on the second disc. And other formats for release are: Limited Edition Digipack + Bonus Disc “Heavy Metal Thunder”, CD Jewel Case, Double Vinyl Gatefold LP, Digital Download and a Exclusive D2C (Direct To Consumer) Package.

Disc 1 that has 14 songs of remixes (orchestrated, acoustic , live acoustic and re-recorded) such as: “ The Eagle Has Landed”, “Call To Arms”, “Just Let Me Rock (Re-recorded Version)”, “Forever Free (Re-recorded Version)”, “Frozen Rainbow (Acoustic Version) “ from their 1979 debut album and “Red Star Falling”. The song I wanted to hear is “Crusader” because when the album was released the band and the producer used electronic drums which didn’t make the songs sound better or the sound of SAXON. The orchestrated remix of the song is so much better, and why that album could have been recorded that way without electronic drum and use regular drums. The opening song is a remix of “Stallions of the Highway” also has “Iron Wheels (Live Acoustic Version)” which sounds good as the original.

Disc 2 has 13 tracks some re-recorded that include “Heavy Metal Thunder” and “Crusader” which is a better version also with “Backs To The Wall”.

I like this album and of course there could have been more songs and discs added from their albums as: “Rock the Nations”, “The Inner Sanctum”, “Call To Arms” and “The Eagle Has Landed 1,2, and 3.

This album will bring new fans to the Saxon clan with the old.

The full-track listing for Unplugged and Strung Up is:

  1. Stallions Of The Highway (Remix)
  2. Crusader (Orchestrated Version)
  3. Battle Cry
  4. The Eagle Has Landed (Orchestrated Version)
  5. Red Star Falling (Orchestrated Version)
  6. Broken Heroes (Orchestrated Version)
  7. Call To Arms (Orchestrated Version)
  8. Militia Guard
  9. Forever Free (Re-recorded Version)
  10. Just Let Me Rock (Re-recorded Version)
  11. Frozen Rainbow (Acoustic Version)
  12. Iron Wheels (Live Acoustic Version)
  13. Requiem (Acoustic Version)
  14. Coming Home (Acoustic Version)

The full track-listing for Heavy Metal Thunder is as follows:

  1. Heavy Metal Thunder
  2. Strong Arm Of The Law
  3. Power & The Glory
  4. And The Bands Played On
  5. Crusader
  6. Dallas 1PM
  7. Princess Of The Night
  8. Wheels Of Steel
  9. 747 (Strangers In The Night)
  10. Motorcycle Man
  11. Never Surrender
  12. Denim & Leather
  13. Backs To The Wall