Black Note Graffiti

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Black Note Graffiti

A recently formed hard rock band featuring Rick Ortiz on vocals and guitar, Adam Nine bass guitar, Kurt Keller percussion and Kris Keller guitar and vocals. You may recognize three of the members that made up Krescent 4 that released some fine rockin’ tracks several years ago.

Volume 1 is an impressive debut that is filled with endless energy and power. At first blush listening to the opener “Revanche” I was not sure how I felt so I listened to half the album and decided to revisit it the following day. The lead vocalist Ortiz has a good voice and its comes across as a bit quirky at first then you get used to it and it settles into your psyche and the music quite nicely. By the time the album was over I loved it and wanted to press play again, so I obliged that need.

Some of the highlights of an album chock full of them are the opener “Revanche.” It hits you in the head like a sledgehammer of sound. The rhythm section leads the way and Keller’s chunky Sabbath like riffs bring it all home. “Monkey” is another good track and it comes at you with a little more diversity and less heaviness. One part of the song scales back on the VU meter and you hear some great music coming together with acoustic guitars beginning to create a mountain of sound with all the other instruments while Ortiz does a call and answer with his band mates. By now you are warmed up and anticipating more fantastic sounds emanating from your speakers. “Scars” is an interesting track, once again taking you on a ride as the band offers the full spectrum of their repertoire. While this is hard rock and metal meeting in the middle it is quite diverse with its approach and sound. Some great guitar effects are featured on this track from start to finish.

By the time you get to “Write/Right” and “Space Funk” you find yourself in a groove and transfixed totally on the music and lyrics that are pouring out of the heart and soul of Rick Ortiz. Special mention must go to “Fire.” It is a simplistic yet effective title and offers up lyrics that protest “the man” and “the establishment” firmly without recourse. Echoes of Hendrix are recalled in some of the guitar lines as Kris Keller screams out the vocals with passion and grit.

This is a fantastic hard rock album with a lot of talent on display. You get it all in one package, a band with an ultra-cool name and sounds to match. This is one album you need to pay attention to this year in the realm of indie rock. If it doesn’t grab you at first give it another chance. I did and as it turned out I loved it the second time through. As with a lot of music you have to be in the mood for certain sounds and actually if you appreciate good musicianship and like hard driving rock music, this is a ride that you need to catch now.

4.5/5 Stars
Key Tracks: Monkey, Write/Right, Space Funk
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