Arven – Black Is The Colour

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Arven - Black Is The Colour

For about 15 years or more the “Symphonic Metal sound from Europe (Finland, Sweden and Denmark) have been gaining more acceptance to the US rock and metal market with little to no radio airplay. Though this mix of music has been around for decade’s for bands as Nightwish, Sontia Artica, Leaves’ Eyes, Epica, Within Temptation, Sirenia, and others that have opened the doors this music to the US market but not open enough as they are at Latin America and Asia.There is new band from Frankfurt, Germany name Arven that is a six piece group that is different that has five ladies and one male for the female singer and male musicians. You wouldn’t know that when you listen to them and not seeing who plays what instrument. They are: Carina Hanselmann – Vocals, Anastasia Schmidt – Guitars, Ines Thomé – Guitars, Lena Yatsula – Keyboards, Lisa Geiß – Bass and Till Felden – Drums. This year they released their second album- Black Is The Colour on Massacre Records following their 2011 debut Music of Light. The band has performed at various European audiences at Heavy Metal, Gothic and mid Evil festivals.

The new album is fifty two minutes with twelve songs of classical mix (renascences and / or Baroque) sound with electric guitars, drums and acoustic strings( Harp and violin). The Digipack includes the title song which is Irish Folk with “Ride On” ‘ That is good mix with the ingredients of Leaves’ Eyes and Blackmore’s Night. The songs are written by Anastasia Schmidt with Carina vocals s that moves you and yet relaxes you. “Rainsong” opens with sound of the harp and is also a energize composition. Stefan Schmidt (cVan Canto) is guest singer on the song “The One for Me” that sounds similar to Kamelot. Though I don’t know if Stefan also shares vocals on “Black Is The Colour”. It doesn’t say on the album, my guess it is.

The songs on this album are all well composed and performed with a balance of electric and acoustic instruments with a hard sound you will never get tired of listening to for the talent and quality of their music that will stand on its own.

Hope they can come to the US for tour support as this group is like a diamond in rocks to be picked to be seen and heard here.

The track listing:

  1. Believe
  2. Don’t Look Back
  3. Rainsong
  4. The One For Me
  5. All I Got
  6. My Darkest Dream
  7. Cercle d‘Emeraude
  8. In Your Dreams
  9. Firesite Stories
  10. My Fall
    Bonus tracks on Limited Digipak only:
  11. Ride On (Irish Folk Cover)
  12. Black Is The Colour (Irish Folk Cover)