37 CHANNELS by Tantric

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37 CHANNELS by Tantric

(Pavement Entertainment)

There aren’t many current, mainstream rock groups that retain the same post-grunge characteristics as efforts from the late ’90s and early 2000s, but Tantric attempts to keep the genre alive with their fifth release, ’37 Channels’. The album is produced by the band’s frontman, Hugo Ferreira. I have say I am very impressed with what Hugo has done here. As to the music, let’s talk for a second about post-grunge. Generally what you get are some dirty guitars and some scratchy or throaty vocals and call it good. It’s the trap that a thousand Pearl Jam and Sound Garden clones have fallen into.

Tantric avoids this by providing a lot of variety, while still maintaining a cohesive theme for the whole album. On the whole, ’37 Channels’ is loaded with great songs. Personal faves are “Again”, “Mosquita” featuring Shooter Jennings, “Gravity”, “My Turn” featuring Leif Garret and “Rise.” Hugo Ferreira’ s vocals are on point and sound better than ever. The band sound tight as well. Serving up some acoustic guitars , some dirty electric guitars spread liberally throughout the album which, thankfully, act as a garnish and not a novelty item. All thirteen songs are strong not a weak track among them. As with their previous releases, Tantric manages to blend and mold several influences and they do it well on ’37 Channels’. There is even a bit of country influence here. Combined with stellar song writing and a vocal delivery that enables the listener to really understand what is being said. The Louisville Kentucky natives have put out a recording that quite simply put, is amazing. Tantric is a band that let you know that they know what’s up, and they’re not afraid to tell you either! –

Highly Recommended
Tony aka The Atomic Chaser @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine