L.A. Modern rock band NEVERWONDER

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(pictured here at the Pasadena Run Rock N Roll Marathon event earlier this year) plays the L.A. Run Rock N Roll Marathon this coming Sunday, October 27, followed by back-to-back gigs at the Las Vegas Run Rock N Roll Marathon November 16 and 17. Additional show dates below and at www.neverwonder.com.


“Neverwonder, the band out of Los Angeles, CA, has taken hard rock, mixed it with R&B and soul, and has created an EP that has it all. The vocalist, Alima Soul is a powerhouse within herself: she has a soft, smooth and velvety voice, yet she’s not afraid to use it to let her real emotions come through within each song.”

(LOS ANGELES) –   Modern rockers NEVERWONDER, fronted by soulful siren Alima Soul, perform at the L.A. Run Rock N Roll Marathon, starting at L.A. Live (Figueroa St.), Main Stage 1, Sunday, October 27. 6-10 a.m. All ages, and free! Info: runrocknroll.competitor.com/los-angeles/. Check the itinerary below for other upcoming shows.

With the recent addition of vocalist Alima Soul, the band’s creative synergy has been an undeniable force to be reckoned with. Their natural chemistry evokes the creation of impressionable songs and unforgettable performances. Alima’s sultry, soul-styling and songwriting brings a new vibe to the band’s repertoire. Neverwonder (Alima Soul, lead vocals; Scott Ramsay, guitar; Vincent Ramos, bass; Andres Ramos, drums) were recently selected as one of the “25 Artists Who Made 2012 Rock” by Rockwired Magazine. “In 2012 the band welcomed singer Alima Soul and combined the incomparable rhythm section of the brothers Ramos. Neverwonder takes flight again,” writes Rockwired Editor, Brian Lush. Neverwonder’s  unique sound is a blend of rock, pop, and soul. Their music is driven by their strong musicianship and is rooted by life’s experiences.   The band’s music influences include Foo Fighters, Soundgarden, Lenny Kravitz, No Doubt, Tina Turner, Mary J. Blige, and Pink. The band has performed in the past at venues such as House of Blues (LA/OC), The Roxy, Key Club, Viper Room, The Galaxy Theater and The Coach House, and has been featured on KLOS 95.5 FM radio and Rockwired Magazine, among many other media outlets. They have also been a high-powered act for several years in the Rock and Roll Marathon series.   NEVERWONDERYOUTUBEHELPMEVIDEO

Really Let It Out: Really Getting Good Reviews

“A unique blend of styles and sounds that make for an easy listen… new lead singer Alima Soul really packs a punch! Neverwonder take good lyrics and rely on the talents of each member to deliver…Alima definitely adds that spark that every band needs.”  ROCK OVER AMERICA

“(Vocalist) Alima Soul shimmers through the tracks on Really Let It Out with all the confidence and sultriness of a Rock ‘N’ Roll vixen, particularly on the rockers “Let It Out” and “Help Me,” where she leaves no doubt about her talents.” MUSIC NEWS NASHVILLE

“New lead singer Alima Soul can really belt it on both lead and vocals, showing they made the right choice…soulful ballad “Spinning”  brings impressive vocal energy and percussion. The band’s overall attack yields solid results.” MUSIC CONNECTION

“Really Let It Out debuts the beautiful and talented Alima Soul as the band’s new lead singer…her voice fits the band like a surgical glove…you can tell there’s a geunie chemistry and symmetry with band mates Vincent Ramos (bass),  Andres Ramos (drums), and Scott Ramsey (guitar). Neverwonder is a great band that you’ll definitely want to keep your eye on.”   BOOMEROCITY

NEVERWONDER performing their single “Help Me” live at the House of Blues/Anaheim.

Upcoming NEVERWONDER Live Shows & Special Events Itinerary
Oct. 27 (Sun.) L.A. RUN ROCK N ROLL MARATHON  Los Angeles
Nov. 16/17 (Sat./Sun.)   LA VEGAS RUN ROCK N ROLL MARATHON   Las Vegas
Nov. 29 (Fri.)  10K BATTLE OF THE BANDS SEMIS    Huntington Beach
Dec. 1 (Sun.)*  KNRN-FM XMAS TOYS FOR TOTS BENEFIT    Los Angeles   *Tentative