XO Steros

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Debut album

XO Steros

So when a new band comes out of the gate strong with “ex members of…” I immediately just don’t care. Usually those “ex members” are looking for another shot at something great and it comes up short. This is NOT the case with XO Stereo.

The guys in this band have played for bands like From First To Last, LoveHateHero, Eyes Set To Kill, Jeffree Star, The Hollowed, and more…and they’re proud of that…but it’s easy to tell that they left all those bands to start this one…a band that is MUCH better than all of those previous ones COMBINED. Hell, I didn’t even like most of their last bands!

The song Show and Tell is everything I want rock music to be. It’s fast. It’s catchy. It’s heavy. It’s melodic. It’s beautiful. It’s rough. It’s what rock is all about and these guys do it perfectly. The video itself is full of energy that makes you want to watch every move they make (and every breath they take).

These guys just launched a week ago and already building a pretty big fan base (and its easy to see why).

Do yourself a favor and check out their debut music video for Show And Tell here:

Review by Glen Howardson www.facebook.com/xostereo