Pat McManus Band – Walking Through Shadows

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by Pat McManus Band (Bad Reputation Records)


‘Walking Through Shadows’ the latest release from the Pat McManus Band is a smoking example of how a Blues rock album is suppose to sound. This album is a mean ripping blues rock album. I was floored when I pressed play. At the risk of comparing his mastery to other guitar greats, Pat’s guitar hit me right between the eyes.  Pat McManus aka “The Professor” is a true guitar legend and his work on this album is out of this world! He also plays a mean
fiddle as well. He is joined by Paul Faloonon on drums  and Marty McDermott on bass , together they serve up a Blues rock experience coupled with a few twists and we’ll placed harmonies. Make no mistake though, it’s Pat’ s guitar that has the leading role here.  ‘Walk Through Shadows’ show cases the full multi-dimensional talents of Pat McManus. Some artists have smooth silky voices other artists have gruff-growling voices ideal for bearing your soul through the blues. Some guitar players bend the strings heavily while others make their guitar sound like an orchestral instrument. Pat McManus demonstrates his ability to provide all this and more to his audience all on this smoking release. With songs ranging from the opening, “Danger Zone”, a song that would make Reverend Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top envious. While  “Walking In The Shadow Of Giants” is a foot-stomping tune that will have your hands clapping and feet tapping in no time flat. The same could be said with “Hey You” with its bluesy swagger. “Ready To Rock” and “Short, Sharp, Shock” are great blues rockers that go down good like a double shot of Irish whiskey.  The Celtic influence is so great to hear since the loss of Thin Lizzy and particularly Gary Moore. As is evident on the powerful “Walking Shoes”. It is tasteful, soulful, and bluesy.  It’s truly such a shame that Pat McManus has never had the exposure or recognition that he deserves. As a guitar player he is certainly up there with the best and also has the unusual talent of being able to write great songs as well as stamping his virtuoso playing on every one of them. He has proven that ten fold with, ‘Walking Through Shadows’. Pat McManus, truly a class act and an underated guitar legend. It’s about time for more people to discover his music.

Highly Recommended

Tony aka The Atomic Chaser @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine