Hey!Hello! by Hey! Hello!

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(The End Records)

Hey! Hello!The debut release for Hey! Hello! is a straight up rock till you drop rocker if there ever was one. Has my vote for “Rock soundtrack of the Summer of 2013”. Big guitars, sing along choruses and superb harmonies throughout. Frontman Ginger of The Wildhearts certainly doesn’t like the quiet life. One thing’s for sure, though, with Hey! Hello, Ginger has definitely raised the bar and shows why he is musical genius! By the way, he played every single instrument you hear on the album. Yeah, he’s that good! His cohort Victoria Liedtke’s vocals and harmonies blend perfectly with the familiar tones of Ginger’s voice, and nowhere is that more evident on the tracks like, “Black Valentine” and power pop rockers, “Swimwear” and “Why Can’t I Be Me Without You?”

The music is not that hard to get into, in fact it’s addicting. A great mix of power pop and rock. Nothing that will catch the listener off guard. I believe this is why this album is getting so much attention. Ten tracks total all are guaranteed to satisfy. The chemistry between Ginger and Victoria are a match made in heaven. Their chemistry is tighter than a licked stamp on an envelope. Despite recording their vocals on opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Kudos to The End Records for releasing this gem here in the States. Hey! Hello!’s debut was funded by fans as an exclusive one time deal. They were asked if they mind it being released commercially to the world. They replied with an astounding, YES! So, here it is in all its glory for music fans around the world to enjoy! Heads up, this is one of those albums you are going to listening to over and over again! Hitting “Repeat” is high on an album like this, it’s that good. Cheers to Ginger and Victoria for an outstanding job!

Highly Recommended