Hong Faux – Crow That Wears The Head

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Swedish rockers known as Hong Faux have finally released their highly anticipated full length album, ‘Crown That Wears The Head’. The buzzing and swirling guitars that herald this monster of a recording will stop you dead in your tracks and have your undivided attention once you hit play. The band is made up of , Nik Seren on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Johan Bergqvist on bass and backing vocals, Bjorn Billgren on lead guitar and Daniel Israelsson on drums.
The opening track, “Present Tense-Less” is enough to suggest that this is no ordinary Swedish rock band. The track literally jumps out of the speakers with the manic energy of a turbo charged Chevy barreling down the road with no brakes loaded with killer drumming and crunching guitars. Hooks abound on the marvelous midtempo rocker “Feign Death to Stay Alive”. Hong Faux’ s music is generously layered rock music with big nods to bands like The Foo Fighters with a dash of Queens Of The Stone Age thrown in to give the band that extra bite. Making for one hell of a rock and roll Molatav cocktail! “Hit Hard, Hit First”, “Bad City Blues” are two rocking examples of that. The album contains eight tracks that takes the listener on a 33 minutes long rollercoaster ride through fuzzed up riffarama guitars and soaring vocals to the pounding sound of some very big Ludwig drums and heavy bass lines. Kudos to Nik Seren for a rock solid job on vocals.

As for the rest of the band, they are rock solid and their chemistry is like white on rice. All in all, ‘Crown That Wears The Head’ is a superb album from top to bottom…well-crafted rock and roll which has been largely ignored by the music industry. How long can bands of this caliber continue to sustain themselves devoid of airplay? It’s a sad state of affairs when Hong Faux and other tight acts, like the Libertines, Stereophonics, Alkaline Trio, etc. can’t crack the airwaves while other talentless, music industry-created crap is jammed down our throats. It seems the only way Hong Faux and others like them will survive is through good reviews and aggressive word-of-mouth campaigns. Great band that has tons of energy and come highly recommended.

Highly Recommended

Tony aka The Atomic Chaser @The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine