Stacy, short for Anastacia – Miss September

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My name is Stacy, short for Anastacia


I am a mid-western girl at heart, with a polish decent.  I was born and raised in St Louis, MO and just recently move out west to Los Angeles last summer!   I love to breath the mountain air, feel the sand on my toes, view the desert palms in the skyline and soak in the Hollywood hysteria.  All of this and much more in one city; amazing.

I have discovered that I have a passion for modeling along with fashion merchandising and design.   I currently work as a Product Manager for a toy manufacturer in the Los Angeles area.  I received my Bachelors Degree in Fashion Merchandising from Fontbonne University in St Louis.   It is very rewarding to be working in my field of study and enjoying what I do every day.

…And no, being polish and blonde isn’t easy (just kidding) but I have a lot of fun and love to laugh.  Standing out in a crowd is key, and leading your own unique path in life is crucial to your creativity.   The more we are willing to risk, the more alive we are!

During my free time I enjoy dancing, trend research, dog parks with my golden retriever, getting tattoos, organizing and decorating.  When it comes to music, I appreciate all genres. From the eclectic dance moves of Michael Jackson, to the belting vocals of Christina Aguilera, in the country/religious roots of Eric Church, to the bizarre costumes of Lady Gaga, and the Detroit lyrics from Kid Rock and Eminem.

I’m honored to be a part of All Access Magazine!  To learn more about me and my journey through life, visit my Facebook page or my Twitter account thru the links below:

Remember to always be your own “best in show” and pay it forward!

Live, Laugh, Love,