ZZ Top The Complete Studio Albums 1970-1990

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ZZ Top The Complete Studio AlbumsThat little ole band from Texas have been around for a mighty long time and have been considered music legends for a few decades now. Guitarist and lead vocalist Billy Gibbons, bassist and co-lead vocalist Dusty Hill, and drummer Frank Beard, known as ZZ Top, have been cranking out some fine blues rock for over 40 years now.

The recently released The Complete Studio Albums 1970-1990 encompasses the band’s first 10 studio albums. This is a no frills box set priced at a bargain price of $39.98. All the albums come in a clamshell box and cardboard sleeves, which are replicas of the original vinyl LPs. Original gatefold sleeves are provided for Tres Hombres and Tejas so there is a slight variation in the overall presentation. The original audio tapes are available for the first time on CD for Tejas, First Album and Rio Grande Mud. Another significant aspect is that theoriginal masters of Tres Hombres and Fandango are provided in the set. This is a key component as Tres Hombres and Fandango were game changers for the band, particularly Fandango and the monster hit off that album “Tush.”

For longtime fans this is a gem of a collection. Even though it is not your typical box set release with bonus tracks and rarities, most listeners of the band will appreciate what is offered. I always enjoyed Rio Grande Mud and tracks such as “Francine,” “Chevrolet” and “Ko Ko Blue.” What may to come as a revelation to later fans of the band is the First Album, which is a fine display of blues rock not to mention an excellent maiden release.

ZZ Top could do no wrong on any of these releases. Even when they decided to add some electronic aspects to their music on later releases such as Eliminator, Afterburner and Recycler they still enjoyed tremendous success while garnering an entire new range of fans. Certainly the blues rock purists and their faithful had their noses bent out of shape during this period however you cannot deny the success they were able to maintain. If you listen to their most recent release La Futura you will hear a band that is serving up the familiar down and dirty blues rock that catapulted them to stardom.

The Complete Studio Albums 1970-1990 is window into the past of one of the world’s most renowned trios and an excellent snapshot of the maturation of a band over a twenty year period. The mark of an excellent band is their staying power and ZZ Top was hot right out the gate and they were able to shape and mold their music for the times they lived, gaining new generations of fans with every release. They most certainly have nothing left to prove at this point in their careers so they are doing what they do best, playing blues rock boogie that gets their audiences all hot and sweaty and dancing in the aisles.
There is no question that this set is a must for all ZZ Top fans!

Key Tracks: Francine, Tush, La Grange

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