Search for the Hidden Gem (2013 – Vol #6)

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Picking 5th in my fantasy football wasn’t too bad.  Hopefully all my guys can stay healthy and out of jail and this year I’ll have a fighting chance to win more than 2 games.

Sassy Society

self-title EP
Style (rock)

Sometimes when skipping stones there’s a whole lot of flop and no skip.  This is how the new Sassy Society comes across.  At one end of the spectrum the songs come across as a first jam session with everyone banging out a cacophony of racket.  I can hear the old man down the street talking to the fuzz about the noise and I wouldn’t blame him.  At the other end of the spectrum holding court is a female singer who’s just missing on a few key essentials like tone, pitch, and basic singing ability.  Sometimes a not so flat stone surprises you and skips quite well.  That’s not the case with Sassy Society’s vocalist but then again that’s what those filters in protools are for.

Rating 1 (I never get tired of bad singers but they do wear me out)

Emma Ejwertz

Style (Indie)

I sure hope the drawing board wasn’t put away just yet because here are 10 flavorless and uneventful songs from a Swedish singer/songwriter that need some help.  Played live this stuff is the classic example of a few people standing flat footed near the front staring blankly listening to lifeless songs while the other bar patrons are drinking trying to have a conversation.  It’s not immediate what the draw is but after a verse or two the realization is it’s a blond female singer (not bad looking on the eyes) and it makes sense why the sausagefest is interested at all.  The bright spot is that vocally Ejwertz can hit a note or two.  Conversely her vocal style is very blasé lacking a certain level of emotion.

Rating 1 (back to the drawing board)

St. Madness

“Canonizing Carnage”
Style (Metal)

If I’m looking for some new metal for 2013 with a fresh take on things I’m looking elsewhere.  However, if I’m looking to relive an 80’s keg party in my garage and I need a metal band to entertain the masses these guys would be OK.  The mix harkens me back to those early Metal Blade Records mixes that were muddy lacking fidelity and needed the kHz pushed on my turntable.  The songs are long (a little over the 4 minute average with some pushing past the 6 minute mark) and a bit unrefined but serviceable for a keg party.  Included on the disc is a serviceable cover of Metallica’s “Seek and Destroy” and Pink Floyd “Comfortably Numb.”   For my taste though 17 tracks is a lot of music to put on one disk so I’d prefer a little more editing to weed out the weaker tunes.

Rating 2 (more is not always better)