Black Sabbitch Rocks Roberto’s

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Black Sabbitch Rocks Roberto's

A lot of shows come and go, but only those that mean a lot stick with you for a long time to come. Seeing friends play to their friends and making new ones along the way make the music worth fighting for. Dr. Graves has done it again. He’s bringing both local bands together to make one hell of an evening.

The night started out with an up and coming band named Hotel Sleep. They’ve have gotten some airplay on L.A.’s KROQ radio station. Their vocals remind me a little bit of Muse, but I’m stretching it a little bit. They sound as if The Killers, Queens of the Stone Age, and Skrillex formed a side band. They pack some dance beats in with their blend of heavy and alternative rock. I’m not too keen on the style of their vocals because they sound like every other band on KROQ, which is why I haven’t listened to the radio in over 10 years. But, like many underground bands these days, they manage to create a sound that brings a freshness to music I have yet to see catch on in the mainstream. Perhaps that is a good thing.

Black Sabbitch Rocks Roberto's

What came next was my reason for going to this show. Imagine four amazingly talented women who are down-to-earth metal fans with a passion for playing Black Sabbath. We have here Black Sabbitch. The all-female tribute band to Black Sabbath. I’ve heard many cover bands, but none pack as big of a punch as them. They played everything under the sun. Angie Scarpa on drums bashed those things like her life depended on it, Melanie Makaiwi on Bass was rocking it Jason Newsted-style and Blare N. Bitch on that guitar…Geezer Butler would be damn proud! Bloody Mary Powers, all I can say is, what a voice! I don’t even know how to describe it. Let’s see, I hear some Brody Dalle of The Distillers there with the raspy quality, a little bit of Theo of The Lunachicks with the range, and well, all power behind it. The biggest crowd pleaser is definitely “Iron Man”, but everything they played had everyone in a frenzy, singing along and making the show supremely interactive. If you need a good Black Sabbath fix, can’t get the real thing anytime soon, then look no further than Black Sabbitch. They’ll fix that craving and leave you with a huge smile at the end of the night.

Black Sabbitch Rocks Roberto's

After the onslaught of Sabbath were some very good friends of mine, The Dharma Bums. They brought their blend of blues, rock n’ roll, and punk to a metal night which they did so successfully. They sound so tight and energetic that I wish they would get a lot more exposure. They really deserve it and I’m not just being biased because they are friends of mine. I think they have an immense amount of talent. Every show they have been has made them a crowd favorite. They are home-grown Bell boys who care only about the music. The most well-known song they play is “Goin’ Up the Country”. It starts out as a hard-hitting heavy rock sound and transforms into a punk riot and ends in a smooth psychobilly/southern blues tear down. They can play a Doors cover unlike what I’ve heard and can also play a really good Sabbath cover. They can play anywhere from reggae to punk and from blues to metal all within one set.

Rounding out the evening was SHEGUN! They put on an amazing performance. I was reminded a lot of The Gossip and The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s. They vocalist Cindy has a powerful voice and she has a tons of talent. They did a wonderful rendition of Berlin’s “Metro”. If you any of the aforementioned bands and the likes of Screaming Females, then I suggest you give them a try.

Black Sabbitch Rocks Roberto's

All bands this night have brought a unique sound to Roberto’s as every night they have had live bands play. It’s great to know that there are large local venues that a willing to host so many different types of music. They have had an Industrial night with a Marilyn Manson tribute band, and an amazing amount of endless other genres. Thank you so much Roberto’s. It is well appreciated within the community. Thanks also goes out to the amazing Dr. Graves. Every show you produce is well worth mentioning and you bring an eclectic line-up to each one.

Roberto’s is a great venue. They have a large stage, a humongous patio and a great bar. They offer a buffet with all the fixings for their customers all night and seem to enjoy making everyone happy. They are upstairs with easy access to an elevator and easily visible as it is on a corner street.

You can find Dr. Graves Productions on Facebook as well as Hotel Sleep, Black Sabbitch, The Dharma Bums and SHEGUN!