Amaranthe with Kobra and The Lotus

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2013 US tour at the famous Roxy

Amaranthe with Kobra and The LotusSwedish/Danish power/melodic death metal band Amaranthe on tour to support their new album The Nexus ended their tour on July 30 at West Hollywood’s famous Roxy. Formed by Formed by Jake E (vocals) and Olof Morck (guitar and keys) the band’s triple threat lead by, Elize Ryd (singer), Jake E and Andy Solvestrom (screams), Andy Solvestrom (bass) and Morton Lowe (drums).Their music is high energy with mix of melodic, and pounding speed. The ninety minute show was high energy from start to end. The crowd was singing along to the songs as: “Serendipity”, “Leave Everything Behind”, “The Nexus”, “Amarmathe”, “One” “Million Light Years Away” and ” Rain”. Though the band has been together for about 2 years they are among the fresh metal bands keeping the sound alive and for the fans known at Europe and other countries including gathering more US fans.

Amaranthe with Kobra and The Lotus Opening the show is Canada’s current heavy metal band Kobra And The Lotus, who have now toured the US three times since the end of 2012. Europe is their second home and is getting more known here by word of mouth, advertising and indie webzines and magazines. When they come on stage, there music is like bombs striking the ground. Their music and fronted by the beautiful Kobra Paige whose vocals are powerful and the band’s energy just keep the fans fist pumping and head banging though their 45 minute set from their debut album on Simmons/Universal records. Which includes the songs: “Welcome To My Funereal”, “50 Shades of Evil”, “Nayana (Eyes)”, “Sanctuary”, and” No Rest Of The Wicked”. They will be releasing their next album during 2014 which the fans are waiting for. It will have the venom that the band will always strike with.

Overall it was rocking show and by bands like these that will keep various metal and hard rock alive. Still unfortunate that for example the “commercial” or corporate” US over the air rock radio ignores these bands. Yet it shows that the fan base is strong and not going to die. That keeps us together as friends and family for the music.

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