Star Off Machine Return With New Single “Left Behind”

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Along With New Album & Controversial Video, “Wake Me Up” Star Off Machine


Southern California based rock band, STAR OFF MACHINE, is doing their best to answer that question by raising awareness among their audience. In preparation for the release of their upcoming record, the band has debuted its eponymous self-titled track, “Wake Me Up,” accompanied by a socially sensitive music video.  The video in question tackles issues involving gun violence and bullying, and features a teenager wielding hand guns and assault rifles. Some say the video has “stepped over the line” and is far too graphic for younger viewers. “My 12-year old son showed me this video and I nearly fainted!” said Madelyn Jones from the Quad Cities. She added, “the father that allowed that boy to handle those guns makes Michael Lohan look like father of the year.” The controversial video can be seen on their YouTube channel at
All Access Magazine Publisher Debra Stocker spoke with the band recently.

AAM: This has got to be a question that you’re always asked: How did the band come up with the name, “Star Off Machine”?

STOFMA: It’s from a Dr. Seuss book.  We liked the concept of the story and thought it was a great name for a band with our sound.

AAM: The band’s new single and video is “Left Behind.” What’s the song about?

STOFMA: “Left Behind” is an aggressive and groove-oriented metal song.  The verses have a “spacey metal” appeal while the chorus has a pounding and heavy groove with a violent hook.  Lyrically it is about getting rid of “dead weight” in life.  It represents a metaphorical “garage sale” of all the counterproductive “garbage” impeding a healthy lifestyle.   The controlling idea of the song can be summed up by the first line of the chorus, “Leave it in the dust, it’s getting in the way.”

AAM: STOFMA worked with producer Dan Korneff (Papa Roach, Paramore) at the House Of Loud in New York City as well as had the mastering done by Ted Jensen (Green Day, Korn, Alice In Chains) for your previous, album, “Burn This.” How did that whole process play out?

STOFMA: We had always wanted to work with a talented and professional level production team.  It was exciting working with talent of that caliber.  They worked on records from some of our favorite artists.  Ultimately they took our material and our recordings and raised them to the next level.  Also, we learned a priceless amount about the process, the industry and ourselves in the process.  The entire experience was an enlightening journey that made us better on a number of different levels.

AAM: Who (bands/solo artists-wise) do you guys cite as STOFMA’s musical influences?

STOFMA: As a band, we all have different tastes in music and thus different influences.  This coalesces into very different musical approaches brought together to come up with the final product.  Our influences range from Breaking Benjamin to Jeff Buckley and everything in between.

AAM: It’s nothing if not difficult for an indie rock band to stay together, much less prosper, in the current age of digital downloading and file-sharing. What’s STOFMA’s plan to succeed?

STOFMA: Through the hard work of live performance and constantly writing new material, we have gained a solid fan base and notoriety on the local and international level. The Internet and developments in technology have “shrunk” not only the world, but also production costs.  We’ve dedicated ourselves to being a truly “do it yourself band.”  Having worked with a number of very talented people in the past, we have learned a priceless amount about production and publicity.  Through some trial and error and practice, we have virtually created our own in-house production company.  We handle much of our own recording and production and shoot and cut our own music videos and promotional materials.  With the abundance of media outlets and social media, we have been able to deliver our music to fans on an international level in a way that would have been unimaginable ten years ago.  The journey that landed us where we are today has opened a lot of doors and allowed us to maintain our own creative visions and ideals.

AAM: How did the band come to record “Once I Was A Champion,” about the late UFC fighter, Evan Tanner?

STOFMA: We became aware of a documentary being made about Evan while writing our last record.  After further researching his life we were inspired by his story.  A song quickly materialized and became one of our favorite songs on the new record.

AAM: Are there any live shows or touring planned for STOFMA you can share with our readers?

STOFMA: Over the next couple of months preceding the album release we will be playing shows up and down the coast of Southern California including nights at House of Blues IN Anaheim, San Diego and Los Angeles. Check out our video for the new album “Wake Me Up” here:

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(Star Off Machine plays live at The Gaslamp in Long Beach this Thursday, July 26. They are also interviewed live on KNRNFM.COM this Friday, July 27 at 7:30 p.m. ( to listen live); and again on American Veterans Radio on Thursday, August 15 ( STOFMA is interviewed and performs live on BuddhaMan’s International Experience radio show on Saturday, September 7 at 7 p.m.. Listen in live at: