SONGS OF IRON by Trucker Diablo

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SONGS OF IRON by Trucker DiabloThe latest offering from Northern Ireland export, Trucker Diablo. ‘Songs of Iron’ picks up where their breakthrough hit album, ‘The Devil Rhythm’ left off, thoroughly rocking listeners with a slab of modern heavy rock mixed with a road worn whiskey soaked southern swagger. Trucker Diablo is fueled and powered by, Tom Harte on vocals and guitar, Simon Haddock on vocal and guitar, Glenn Harrison on bass and Terry Crawford on the skins. These four lads throttle down and put the pedal right through the floor! As much as I hate cliches, I must ask you, to play, ‘Songs Of Iron’ at maximum volume! Preferably while inebriated, but sober is still nothing short of exhilarating or don’t play it at all! The album kicks off with the fuel injected, “Red Light On” from there on, it’s one balls to the walls rocker after another with, “Rebel” and the lead off single, “Drive”,will get your juices flowing, “The Streets Run Red” and the trucker’ s anthem, “Year Of The Truck” are guaranteed to satisfy. 15 tracks total all sticks of rock and roll TNT.

Tru I shit you not, Trucker Diablo, when it comes to delivering the rock and roll goods, these lads hold nothing back. They know their instruments better than their women. You can tell they were having the time of their lives while writing and recording this album. There is a tasteful display of depth in the songwriting that is liberating, unhinged, and completely natural, well-thought and meticulously calculated. Either way, they’re guiding principle seems to be: do whatever works; meaning: do whatever we think sounds great and what we feel proud to put our name on, and anything else is unacceptable. Without a doubt, Trucker Diablo is one of today’s most promising bands to hit the rock scene and with a little notoriety, they just might have what it takes to hit it big. I’m talking HUGE! Cheers boys for hellava job!

Highly Recommended