Search for the Hidden Gem (2013 – vol# 5)

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Aren’t the sport doldrums fun? Hey look, another home run highlight. Yay!!


“self titled”
Style (metal??)

Seriously, why bother putting any of these songs to paper let alone a digital recording. I’m actually at a loss for words for how to describe how dreadful this train wreck is. Somewhere a McDonalds is missing a french fry cook who’s thrown caution to the wind and hit the road searching for “stardom” instead of finding that missing apron and hair net.

Rating (0) – dead zero and by far one of the worst vocal attempts I’ve ever heard this year

Gadi Caplan

“Look Back Step Forward”
Style (psychedelic / instrumental)

Dude, the laser light show rules! Dude, where’d I park my car?? Dude, let’s hit the drive through for some munchies. Dude, I’m so wasted!!! Ok, I couldn’t help it with the last one. I think if I put this CD on with the CD from IDSFA they’d cross polarize initiating a gravitational shift causing a runaway planet to pass between the earth and the moon unleashing cosmic destruction. OK, how many of you recognized the Thundarr the Barbarian reference? I love that cartoon, this CD, not so much. I really want to know where commercially this has a viable leg to stand on. Just as unimpressive is Caplan’s musicianship which is very elementary lacking style, grace and emotion. If the goal was to get stoned and make music, goal achieved great job. However if anything grander was envisioned it’s a waffle ball swing and a miss. I just hope the check cleared for the musicians who participated on this CD. They deserve every cent.

Rating 0 (didn’t I hear Spencer’s in the mall is having a sale on black lights???)

Circle 7

“In Between”
Style (Rock)

The tone of the songs is dark, moody, brooding, and plodding but sadly missing the mark on staying power. I’m a fan of the deep toned dark rock/metal but more song writing development is needed to find the extra notch to keep these tunes around longer. Playing through this CD I feel like I’m running from the giant but because the giant’s a big oaf and not very fast I find myself spending more time catching up on my angry birds high scores rather than being engaged in the chase.

Rating 2 (you got my attention but more is needed to keep it)