Sad Robot Summer Invasion

Sad Robot Summer Invasion LA Trio

Talks to All Access Magazine
Interview by The Dedicated Rocker Society

Sad Robot Summer InvasionWhen we first heard the song “Hold On” by Sad Robot about 6 months ago, we thought it had already been a hit song played on the radio, it wasn’t. To our surprise Sad Robot was an unsigned band from L.A. Now that we’ve heard the whole CD and have been singing along for month or so, we’ve got to ask, “Why HAVEN’T these songs been played on the radio and why isn’t this band a house hold name?” Well only time will tell, we figure what this summer needs is a soundtrack and I think the debut CD from Sad Robot called ‘1.0’, can fill the airwaves like a cool breeze on a hot summers day. Sad Robot is a hard working trio making a name for themselves slowly but surely. They have a CD, they’ve had a song played on the TV show Bones, they have videos and they play live on internet radio and podcasts daily. With all the pieces in place, now all they need is for more people to take notice and this could very well be the happiest summer for Sad Robots and their fans. The Atomic Chaser and I met up with Kat, Nick, Jake and asked them a few questions. We’ll let them answer.

AAM: First off, thanks for taking the time. How long has this trio been together?

Sad Robot: As a 3 piece- we have been together since 2012

AAM: Say I’m a fan of music but have never heard Sad Robot, how would you describe your music to me?

SR: Melodic and gritty at the same time. A wall of sound created by just 3 of us expressing revolutionary messages with songs of hope, independence and to speak up for what you believe in. Our album 1.0 gives you a vast arrangement of songs mixing in mutli-genres that blend together to showcase our inspiration and musical taste.

Jake Hogenson(drummer): Dirty Fuzz Pop

AAM: What was your goal as a band and did you accomplish any of those goals on ‘1.0’?

SR: We have many goals and have only just begun to reach the tip of the iceberg.  But we definitely got an amazing head start that we are so grateful for. With song placements, radio play, showcases, SXSW and expanding our fan base and building a professional team of people around us to help spread our music…and that all came from this record.

AAM: Who or what were your influences for the latest CD?

SR: Each of us are inspired by many different artists that all go into our influences while writing and recording. For 1.0 – we have been compared to some artists we admire like Black Keys, Kings of Leon, Adele, Nico Vega, Joan Jett and even Thin Lizzy. We are the combined effort of every artist that has influenced each of us as a musician in our lives.

AAM: How important has Social media been in promoting Sad Robot?

SR: Very important nowadays.  It is great when you have a record you are so proud of but it means dick when it’s sitting on your shelf. Word of mouth is huge in building a fan base and getting your music out there and Social Media has made that even better where we are able to have a close relationship with our fans and keep everyone up to date and they get to know us as we are. It’s honest. Much of our momentum has also been due to our fans and their support in getting 1.0 out there. JH: “I miss the mystery of bands when there was no social media”

AAM: You guys are have a reputation as a hard working band and, your music seems to be everywhere, give us a list of where your music has been heard and some special places you have played live?

SR: We never rest. We are always writing/recording/playing live and finding ways to get our music heard to a bigger audience. “Hold On” has been on KROQ for 7 weeks and running, chosen as Local’s Top 5 and Kat’s box on weekday airplay. “Hold On” (Reprise) got airplay on Bones on Fox (Season 8 promo). “Sing” and “The Obeah Man” made their way to ESPN on the Winter X games. Our previous songs have been used for the LA Kings and the Oxygen network. Special places we’ve played live- SXSW (2013) for Sony, Staples Center (LA Kings), and we love our LA spots- Troubadour- The Viper Room- The Satellite, The Roxy and more.

AAM: As busy as you are, what do you guys do in your “free time”?
SR: When we have free time- we have our local spots where we hang just the three of us at some local brewery and drink whiskey and we just try to hang as friends because to us- friendship in this is very important as much as business is.

JH:  “Research the validity of Dragons and spend time with family”

AAM: What can people expect at a LIVE Sad Robot show?

SR: “Energy”
JH: That same wall of sound live- and us giving the audience everything we got that night! Overall it’s a great time!

AAM: What do you hope to accomplish in 2013 that you haven’t already done?

SR: Touring for sure and getting our music overseas…Europe is Kat’s target. AND, setting up our next record release.

AAM: Do you have any last words for your fans out there?

SR: Rock and roll has taken many formations but it will never die and we intend to keep it going.

Dedicated Rocker would like to thank Kat, Nick and Jake from Sad Robot for taking the time to answer a few questions for All Access Magazine. If you’re ready for a new breed of alt rock to take you through the summer, then let Sad Robot lead the way. Once you put on their latest release, ‘1.0’, you’ll be singing along in no time. You can thank us later.

Cheers, The Rocker and The Atomic Chaser 2013

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