Jake Lewis – We Can Get Out Of Here

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Jake Lewis - We Can Get Out Of Here

Just over a month after releasing his debut Location Location and following the tragic death of his brother in a car accident singer/songwriter Jake Lewis sat down with a 2 track tape machine and his guitar and wrote and recorded “Down and Had”, a powerful and stirring, yet somber cut showing the pain of his loss.  Over the next few days he got together with some friends to collaborate on four more songs resulting in We Can Get Out Of Here.  Unlike his debut, the songs here are lyrically and musically more stripped down and emotional.  The disc opens on the upbeat side with “You’re Not Alone”, an infectious acoustic tune (and one of three featuring Macy Keefer’s enchanting vocals alongside Jake’s) that builds and builds before culminating in a passionate ending.  Next up is what is to me is the highlight of the disc, “Grand Array”, a hauntingly, beautiful track driven by Jake’s acoustic guitar and vocals and accompanied by David Sheads on accordion and Keefer’s gorgeous vocals in the closing chorus that gives it the vibe of an Irish folk song (make sure you check out the equally beautiful video for this song – “Grand Array”).  Lewis shifts gears a little with the next cut, “Other Lovers”, a fun and humorous upbeat tune with lyrics describing the faults of his previous lovers to his current one and telling her how he hopes she doesn’t become another.  Closing the disc is the title track, a delicate and sparse, yet very powerful tune that culminates in an intense, emotional ending highlighted by Lewis and Keefer’s strong vocal harmonies.  Every cut  is a must hear, so do yourself a favor and head to either jakelewis.bandcamp.com or noisetrade.com/jakelewis, get a free download and check it out for yourself.  I’ve also been fortunate enough to hear some of the new stuff Lewis has been working on and can tell you that you should definitely keep your eyes open for the next chapter in Lewis’ musical career with his new band Jake Lewis and The Clergy.