Charles Burton Blues Band Is One Tasty Musical Treat

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On New Album, “Sweet Potato Pie”

Charles Burton Blues Band

Burton’s new album “Sweet Potato Pie” is drawing great reviews thus far. “Sweet Potato Pie, from The Charles Burton Blues Band and it’s a lot of fun! Opening with Shake It!, an uptempo blues rocker, it has a lot of the feel of the Blasters but with a lot more blues,” writes BMANS BLUES REPORT. “Sweet Potato Pie is a thirteen-song treasure chest of Charles Burton original tunes – some of which have been in the making for years and just now made available on disc. This project definitely shows what the L.A.-born blues man is capable of with songs that bely his depth and breadth of musicianship, songwriting skills and international experience,” states BOOMEROCITY.

All Access Magazine had a chance to speak with Burton just before he departed for Europe. AAM: How’s Europe treating you, now that you’re on the road playing there?

CB: They always treat me well here.  I’ve been coming here once or twice a year since 2005.  I’ve heard people say that European audiences are less jaded than American audiences.  My impression is that they give you a fair listen before making up their mind about you, whereas American audiences may be a little quicker to categorize and dismiss you.

.AAM: When you go to Europe, how do you find musicians to play with?

CB: I know lots of musicians here.  My friend Thomas Mikaelsson, who first helped me come here in 2005, is a bass player.  I toured with Maury “Hooter” Saslaff in 2007 and 2008, and through him I met Asmus Jensen, the drummer I always work with in Denmark.  Asmus has played on my last two records.  In short, if you’re a musician, you can find musicians to work with through your musical connections and contacts.

AAM: Let’s talk about your new album, “Sweet Potato Pie.” Is there any theme behind the songs you wrote for the record?

CB: Not one overall binding theme, at least in terms of songwriting.  I think it has a very nice sound that is somewhat uniform throughout the songs.  As far as songwriting, some songs are very real world, written directly from my experiences.  These include “Goin’ To Memphis”, “Drivin’ Home”, “Livin’ Without You (Blues for Simon),” and “Used To Love That Woman.”  Others are semi-real, based on real experiences but expanded (“Sweet Potato Pie,” “Shake It!,” “Your Number”).  “Drop A Dime” is pure fiction – built around the “big crime chord” sound.

AAM: To a listener unfamiliar with your music, what will stand out to him or her when they first hear the Charles Burton Blues Band?

CB: Well, if they hear me live, it’s the exciting nature of my performances.  Also variety – it’s not your usual blues band stuff.  We always mix it up with a real variety of beats and feels.  The albums – especially the new one – also have a lot of variety.  I like to think there’s some good songwriting in there somewhere.

AAM: What do you find to be your ideal surroundings when it comes to the songwriting process?

CB: I need to be able to play my guitar loud and know that I’m not bothering anyone.  Then musical ideas flow for me.  I’ve got so many musical ideas that I’ve come up with over the years – I’m still writing lyrics for musical ideas I came up with 25 years ago.  As far as writing lyrics, the only thing that really seems to work for me so far is the pressure of a deadline.

AAM: What’s next for Charles Burton?

CB: I want to tour more.  I love playing in Scandinavia, and I want to continue to do so, but I also want to get into central Europe, Russia.  I would like to do some kind of festival tour in the USA, too.

AAM: Where can people find and purchase your music at?

CB:, or Google “Charles Burton Blues Band.” I’ve got a lot of things on YouTube, too.