Richie Onori’s Blues Messenger Bringing “Power To The People”

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Richie Onori’s

Blues Messenger Bringing “Power To The People”


Richie Onori is no stranger to the music scene, especially here in Southern California. The Woodland Hills, Calif.-based musician and music businessman has successfully established himself on many fronts – as drummer for both mega-selling hit band Sweet and big-time newcomers, Heaven And Earth; as CEO of his ever-growing Onori Guitar Straps company; and finally, as the American distributor for Albion Amplifiers. Now comes his latest project, Richie Onori’s Blues Messenger, set to release their debut album “In The Name Of Freedom” on, fittingly, July 4. A longtime friend to us here at All Access Magazine, Richie (RO) recently spoke with Publisher Debra Stocker (AAM) about the new record, the music industry at-large, and more.

AAM: Why did you choose to call your latest project Richie Onori’s Blues Messenger?RO: A couple of reasons- first I think in the past and now in the present, music (art) can be a vehicle to express ones views which hopefully the artist can relate to its audience, and since my music is based from the blues and I have a message to convey, you have the name “Blues Messenger.” Second, I decided to form a group with Phil Woodward on guitar and Marvin Sperling on bass. Now I have a group entity instead of a solo project which I prefer.

AAM: Your music has a very strong political slant to it now, with songs like “Power To The People” and “Hey You (You Better Think Again).” What led to this change?
RO: I have been working on two bodies of works for over a decade. My attorney recommended I separate the themes and suggested I release “Days of Innocence” first and release my more activist-themed record after I established myself as an artist. He was right.
AAM: Let’s talk about the new album, that you chose to drop on July 4th?

RO: The title of the new album is: “In The Name of Freedom”  so naturally, the 4th of July signifies freedom. As our freedoms become more and more limited by the dark forces that seem to be edging closer and closer to a super-controlled society, I found it necessary to speak up through my art in hopes that someone might listen, agree and rally behind one of the greatest forms of art, which is music. Just doing my part.  Yes with songs like “Power to the People,” “American Fighters in the name of Freedom,” (and) “Long Live Rock” I make no bones about it. It’s time “We the People” come together like we did in the 60’s and change the world once again. As rock is slipping away into the corporate malaise, I see that we have little time to make a statement through music. I believe in the Rock Nation – “come on people support the cause” !!!!

AAM: Your previous record “The Days Of Innocence” took home “Rock Album of the Year” as voted on by Rock Over America, which is very cool. Thoughts about that?

RO: Dave Jenkins my producer and I put our heart and soul into these works. It was very nice to receive this level of acknowledgement for all of the struggle and hard work we put into it.

AAM: How will you fit your musical duties with Richie Onori’s Blues Messenger in with those of the other two bands you currently play with, Sweet (and) Heaven And Earth?

RO: I like (being) busy and I certainly appreciate that I am working as an artist. I look at a calendar and arrange and juggle all three projects. It will be interesting to see how they will all interact with each other in the future. I love them all!

AAM: Where do you see the direction of the music industry heading as a whole – that is, cds, touring, downloads, et al – in the future?

RO: Internet radio, if not suppressed and regulated, will blossom. For me, live shows are the future as long as the our economy doesn’t get thrown into another depression by the fuckheads once again. The future is anyone’s guess – I think the only hope and certainty for the future is for us to come together, take the bull by the horns and create the future together.

AAM: Finish this sentence: “Five years from now, Richie Onori’s music career will be…”

RO: Booming!!!!!
(Richie Onori’s Blues Messenger will perform live and be interviewed on Radiobuzzd, Tuesday, July 30 at 8:00 p.m. PST ( Richie will also be appearing and signing autographs at the Rock ‘N’ Roll Autograph Show, September 13-15 at the Westin LAX Hotel (