Zookeepers Palace

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Zookeepers Palace
Red Sky Ruminations

ZK[1]While many feel the music industry is in disarray right now it’s always a breath of fresh air to hear a new and exciting band that’s not afraid to take chances with their music. With their latest musical offering: Red Sky Ruminations from LA based 6 piece band that go by the name of Zookeeper’s Palace, it’s clear to me they have surpassed what I could consider the a-typical musical release from a band in 2013. From the beginning title track to Track 12: ‘Bound to Dust” Zookeepers Palace BLEW ME AWAY.

Red Sky Ruminations is in itself a progressive musical anthem and delivers 12 mind blowing tracks that will keep you mesmerized with mysterious messages, and music that is adrenalined, and a vibe that is unmistakably Zookeepers Palace. Zookeepers Palace combines many impressive musical styles like vintage Funk-Pop, retro Pop of the 70’s and even Progressive Fusion- Rock to traditional Soul Rock. Now that’s a pretty whacked out yet impressive list. Some of the pieces on Red Sky Ruminations I really like are as follows: the title track, Stop Signs, A Red Sky Night, and Grounded by Air. A few tracks even expand the possibilities of a radio hit in the making. What’s more: the musicianship of the band: Matt Fonda – roars like a lion. Candice Harris – beats skins with sticks, Matt Luker – sasquatch of melodies, Mike Bear – dominates the low end, L-Boogie – slaps, shakes and boogie, Zack McNair – plucks strings will literally blow you away. The music of Zookeepers Palace will also remind you of O.A.R, Dispatch, Tim Reynolds, and Phish on steroids. The production value is also top notch and the vocal front of Fonda goes beyond traditional pigeonholing by any music critic. Fonda delivers a gifted vocal ability as he glides with precision through all pieces with amazing harmonies and a captivating vocal timber. If you like Seal, Sterophonics, Terence Trent D;Arby, or Skunk Anaseie you will like his vocal style.

In close much of Zookeepers Palace goes beyond just good playing and world class progressive songwriting. Lyrics are also an important factor for me when listening to an band or artist. In this aspect I found Zookeepers Palace quite impressive as they paint you an impressive visual between the spoken word and messages of hope, love, mystery and the love of life itself. Zookeepers Palace personify the Life Experience. Zookeepers Palace is life.
Rating 4.5/5 Stars
BANDCAMP: zookeeperspalace.bandcamp.com

Reviewed by: C.C. Ryder edited by Heather Savage