Victim Of Our Circumstances by Redrum (Featuring Michael Bormann)

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by Redrum  (Featuring Michael Bormann) (MB Records)


Redrum  return with their sophomore release, ‘ Victim Of Our Circumstances’, delivering a great set of songs steeped in classic rock influences and a feeling of the bombastic rocking times of the eighties. Redrum features Michael Bormann on vocals, Athan Lyssa Kazakis on guitars, Panos Baxevanis on guitars, Alex Kidd on bass, Thanks Sarketzis on drums and Marco Grassoff on keyboards. ‘Victim Of Our Circumstances’ opens with “One Of Us” that hints a dash of Queen acapella harmonies that segues into the melodic gem, “Scream”. Michael Bormann in my book has one finest voices in rock today and what he does on this album proves it. As a unit Redrum’ s chemistry is tight as a drum. That tight chemistry can be heard on the mid tempo mover, “You Can’t Buy No Hero” and the powerful, “Dust In Your Eyes”, which has that Gotthard meets Deep Purple vibe to it. The songs on ,’Victim Of Our Circumstances’ are to the point and totally infectious with performance following in the same fashion being heavy and melodic still avoiding over-layering the compositions. There have been some really good melodic rock releases so far this year , but with  ‘Victim Of Our Circumstances’ , Redrum jumps straight to the top of the “best of 2013” list. This is a must-have melodic rock album any way you look at it, and is easily the band’s best album to date. If you like melodic rock,  old or new, European, American, whatever,  do yourself a favor and pick up this album. – Highly Recommended