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Virgin Killer (24 kt Gold)


The Scorpions are bonafide heavy metal legends and in 1976 one of their more iconic releases came roaring out the gate. Virgin Killer is now remastered in Audio Fidelity’s 24kt Gold numbered and limited edition version and presented in their well know window slipcase cover with a CD booklet.
In 1976 the Scorpions were Klaus Meine (vocals), Uli Jon Roth (lead guitar), Rudolf Schenker (rhythm guitar), Francis Buchholz (bass) and Rudy Lenners (drums). All nine tracks were recorded with Dieter Dierks producing. This new version was mastered by Kevin Gray.

The Scorpions signature sound is their main vocalist Klaus Meine. He has such a distinctive style that if he had ever left the band they simply would not be the Scorpions. That is a good foundation to have in any band and it has kept them at the forefront of rock music for several decades.

What made this such an interesting release was the fact that Uli Jon Roth provided the vocals on two tracks, “Polar Nights” and “Hell Cat.” Obviously Roth was a better guitar player than a vocalist and it did give the album a nice change of pace. Also it would not be fair to compare him to Klaus. Roth’s guitar playing is extraordinary on this release and perhaps the most intriguing on the two tracks where he provides vocals.  A reminder of how they could pull out all the stops and tone it down to provide a great curtain closer on the album is displayed with “Yellow Raven.”

The Scorpions are in top notch form on Virgin Killer and the title track along with the lead off track “Pictured Life” set the overall tone of the album. It is without a doubt a heavy metal classic and the very reason the Audio Fidelity label decided to make it part of their series of releases.

If you are a Scorpions fan or enjoy heavy metal this release should be a part of your collection. The Scorpions are still out rockin’ on their 3 year farewell tour and recordings like this are a good reminder that you should get your tickets to see them before it’s over.

4/5 Stars

Key Tracks: Hell Cat, Virgin Killer, Pictured Life

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