Power & Volume

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by Free Fall
(Nuclear Blast Records)


Swedish rockers Free Fall blast upon the scene with their powerful debut
release, ‘Power & Volume’. The band is powered by Kim Fransson on vocals,
guitarist Mattias Barjed (Soundtrack Of Our Lives), Jan Martens on bass and
drummer Ludwig Dahlberg (The International Noise Conspiracy). They described
their sound as, “Freedom Rock”. If serving up balls to wall hard rock that is
packed with so much energy it would light up a city block? Then yes, I would
agree. If playing hard rock that is raw and hits you in the gut so hard, it
knocks the bejesus out of you? Then, I would agree with the band 100%! Free Fall
take the rock music genre to a whole level. Kim Fransson’ s vocals are downright
powerful. Imagine Bon Scott’s attitude and swagger combined with Burke Shelley
of Budgie. That’s how good this guy is. Matthias Barjed’ s guitar work is
stellar from beginning to end. While the rhythm section of Jan Martens and Ludwig Dahlberg provide the band with a rock solid foundation. From the moment you hit play and the title tracks fires out of your speakers it is obvious Free
Fall come to ROCK with mean intentions. As they do with the next three tracks, “Free Fall”, “Midnight Vulture” and “Top Of The World”. It’s when the band goes in for the kill with, “Attila” and “World Domination”, that you realize that this band has a very promising future. Make no mistake Free Fall are one hundred percent hard rock, but are definitely heavily influenced by the classics. One of
the best things I like about this band is how old school they are. I’m a old school classic rocker and it’s so great to see a new upcoming band that appreciates the classics. Hands down, ‘Power & Volume’ Volume’ by Free Fall is one of the best debut releases to come out in a very long time. The effort this band put into this powerful recording deserves our respect and willingness to help get the word out. Definite contender for ‘Rock Album Of The Year’.