Mission South

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April 24, 2013 is a date to remember in this writer’s timeline of life. Now, it was not an epic life changing event but it was a moment where I was able to get a glimpse into the future; which is saying something since I’m not a physic. I had the privilege of covering up and coming band Mission South at the Opening Bell in Dallas, TX. Much like you the reader, I assume, had never heard of these guys so I was under the assumption they were going to be like the other fly by night, cookie cutter bands that are peppering the scene.

I can admit I was wrong. The first sign of me being wrong was as I was walking in I happened to run into a friend coming out, now this is a friend I had not seen in a while, when I asked why she was there she said “I was going to the bar for a drink when I heard this music and it drew me in.” This is high praise when you can get a simple passerby to walk in because of your sound; so I had my critical ears on when I sat down. Now, to be truly honest the acoustics in the Opening Bell are not made for rocking bands. Me being a fan of words, I had a hard time understanding the lyrics because the music was louder than leader singer Dan Miller’s mic. That was my only complaint. These kids, and I say that because they are all just 21, were serious musicians.

Their sound was reminiscent of something old and seasoned, but it was fresh because of the pure joy that exuded from them as they played. It was almost adorable to watch drummer Max Harwood because every time he hit certain notes his face would just have this little boy excitement; but the kid was no Ringo Starr… he could seriously play. Bassist John Beck had a little John Mayer stage presence, in that I mean he was so in tune with the music he lost himself, but he played with skills that Randy Jackson would envy.

To get the full extent of Dan Miller’s vocals you have to get their EP Migration Vol. 2, because as I said the acoustics stunted the full soul and depth of his voice. I may have played to their age in this article, but it’s only to showcase that with their youth these guys are bringing something to the scene that is missing better than the others out there trying to get a radio hit. Their music is devoid of the polished studio sound that is ruining the radio, they have a grit and determination that makes you wish for past days when music said and meant something, and they still have stars in their eyes un-jaded by the industry. When I asked Dan what he wanted people to take away from their music he said that “Today music doesn’t say anything. I want people to walk away from our shows feeling something. I want our music to speak to them.” As a fan of music, that’s all I ask, I want your music to say something other than telling me to hit the floor, shake my ass or have another drink.

I recommend that you head to http://missionsouth.com/ check these guys out; their mix of Blues, Rock, and Soul will get into your brain. Oh Hey, bands like The Lumineers and artist like Marc Broussard if you’re looking for an opening act for your next tours (or any band/artist looking for a talented opening act for that matter) give Mission South a shot you will not be disappointed.