Miss June 2013 – Khristynne Maria Oradan

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Khristynne Maria OradanKhristynne Maria Oradan, a 22 year old Romanian born and raised in Los Angeles, California. I am a full time worker and a part time student, a model, and a make-up artist… I do it all! I’m very goal oriented, working on becoming a social worker for The Los Angeles County. I love to help the children in need. Growing up with the “old school” Romanian parents, modeling has always been a side job for me, but most definitely a passion! After modeling for about 10 years, (since I was about 13), being a makeup artist became almost a necessity.

I like Indie Rock, Alternative Rock, Dub Step and Hip Hop 🙂 I love to read horror books like Stefan Kings “Carrie”, and comedy movies like Pineapple Express with my favorite actor Seth Rogan. Along with all the girly stuff I enjoy doing I also love watching Basketball of course a LA Lakers fan!  So with that said, catch a glimpse of my modeling and makeup artistry at www.ModelMayhem.com/104099 and keep a look out for LA’s next best social worker!

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