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Returns to Los Angeles for the Right to Rock.014a

During the 80’s the Southern California metal scene was exploding when performing on the Sunset strip, San Fernando Valley and other parts of southern California and for the establish rock bands before the scene got more interests. One of those heavy metal bands KEEL fronted by Ron Keel who was also in the band Steeler where Yngwie Malsteen got notice. KEEL was one of many bands who were performing all over the city and on a successful independent label: Shrapnel records. They had the music, the stage presence and the following to pack the clubs. Though being signed to Gold Mountain records with A&M and MCA and being produce by Gene Simmons the band went on worldwide Tour with bands as: Bon Jovi, Triumph Aerosmith and music festivals.


Yet didn’t get the radio play they should have.
Last night the band performed at the Whisky A GO GO know for many bands that got started as other establish bands there as: The Doors, Motley Crue, Rush, and Saxon. Though Ron performed there with Steeler, the band KEEL didn’t until June 8. It was night with us “older” crowd and those born during the 80’s and ‘90’s. The band performed the ninety minute set of their known songs such : “United Nations”, Somebody’s Waiting”, Speed Demon”, Bruce Springsteen’s “Because The Night”, Wrong Thing Right Girl”, “Tears of Fire”, “ Push And Pull” and “Here Today And Gone Tomorrow”. 007a



During the Steeler member Rik Fox came on stage to play bass and sing “Seranade” and” Cold Day In Hell”. Also joining the band was Black N Blue singer Jamie St. James with Rik Fox to sing the encore “The Right to Rock” . The rest of the band is Marc Ferrari-Guitar, Bryan Jay-guitar, Dwain Miller-drums, and Geno Arce-bass. They still sound good as they have thirty years ago and will again be on the 2014 Monsters of Rock Cruise.

Opening the show was STONEBREED who have energy on stage and always have their fans and new fans pumped during and after the shows. They have released their own album this year and doing many shows all over Southern California opening for other bands and going to others states for shows. This band should be headlining there shows. Also on the bill were White Lie and a teen pop band Siren.