HEAD DOWN by Rival Sons

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(Earache Records)


Blues-infused California rockers Rival Sons return with their highly anticipated third release, ‘Head Down’. Picking up from where left off with their previous outing, ‘Pressure & Time’, Rival Sons are out to put the music world on notice. In my opinion, Rival Sons are by far the most over looked band in the States right now, although that might change very soon. The band is fueled by
Jay Buchanan on vocals, Scott Holiday (guitar), Robin Everhart (bass) and Michael Miley on drums.
Jay Buchanan’s vocal range is out of this world! Imagine Robert Plant in his prime (yeah, he’s that good). Lead guitarist Scott Holiday sounds like he is a Jimmy Page clone at times while Robin Everhart and Michael Miley keep the rhythm lines tight as white on rice. The musical make up on, ‘Head Down’, is like a fusion of rock classics spanning fifty years and is flawless with a fresh vibe to it. The boys come out swinging with the powerful, “Keep On Swinging” a great song with an infections chrous. It has that Led Zeppelin feel ala, “Nobody’s Fault But Mine”. Then you have ,”Wild Animals”, a smooth mover that has an infectious groove to it. “You Want To”, a is fully charged rocker that will give you goose bumps. The break down of this song showcases Jay Bucannon’s amazing and powerful vocal range. “Until The Sun Comes” has that Beach Boys vibe to it in terms of giving the listener visions of a Summer’s day in California. All 13 tracks are rock solid. Driving, intense and passion filled. A raw and aggressive sound that doesn’t hold back any punches. A throwback to the vintage rock sound of the 60’s and 70’s. Truly a Classic Rock band for the 21st Century. Rival Sons are a game changer. An evolution of greatness and if they can keep it together they will without a shadow of a doubt make their mark, big time! ‘Head Down’ comes highly recommended.

Highly Recommended