FILTHY EMPIRE: Heaven’s Basement

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Every once and a while a rock band comes along that just seems to have everything. Attitude combined with a swagger that bleeds confidence. A confidence that can be felt through their music. A rock band that demands your undivided attention once you hear that first note. Heaven’s Basement is one of those bands. In 2013, the band have their sights on putting the rock music scene on notice with ‘Filthy Empire’  the band’s full length debut release is a monster of a rock and roll recording. I shit you not, these boys bring it and they are taking no prisoners!  Heaven’s Basement is fueled by Aaron Buchanon on vocals, Sid Glover on guitars and backing vocals, Rob Ellershaw on bass and on the skins, Chris Rivers. The band’s tight chemistry and that confidence I mentioned is evident right off the bat with “Welcome Home” a super charger of a song that is simply balls to the wall. While tracks like, ” Fire, Fire”, “Nothing Left To Lose” and “I Am Electric”  go for the throat from start to finish. 12 tracks total all guaranteed to rock your bloody socks off. I know it may sound cliche, but I’m dead serious. These boys mean business. Heaven’s Basement is a band that knows, respects and acknowledges their influences, from AC/DC to Aerosmith to Led Zeppelin, but doesn’t attempt to copy them. Instead they pick up where these groups left off and carry on the tradition of creating great sounding rock and roll with an edge! Heaven’s Basement is exactly what rock music needs right now. ‘Filthy Empire’ comes highly recommended because it’s FILTHY GREAT!