Celtic Woman

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Returns back to Southern California to the wine country for act two for the Believe 2013 Tour


Worldwide multi platinum Irish group Celtic Woman return to the southern California on May 30, 2013 at the Chumash Casino at Santa Ynez to a pack theater for the continuation of their current show with smaller group than the 5 lady singers to three which the vocals mix together transparently and with incredible and eye catching energizer fiddler. Also the choir is only four with two males and two females yet you could not hear it as the band that includes piano, guitars and two percussion/drummers, bag pipes, various flutes

Those who like CW over the years and have heard and seen the lineup change of the ladies from five to three currently you could not notice. Chloë Agnew who has been singing with group since the beginning seven years at age fifteen, her vocals are stronger yet can the high notes. The two current singers Susan Mcfadden and Lisa Lambe are also strong. All three blend their vocals to songs that are CW’s trademark songs that the fans are used to hearing by the original and previous five singers. They take over their songs that you couldn’t notice or just a different taste of change with more zest.
The show always opens with violin/fiddler Mairéad Nesbitt on top of the stair case. The first song is the “Awakening” sung by Lisa Lambe. But there are changes to this show that the fans didn’t expect for example: this would be for a two and half hour show with a fifteen minute intermission. Not this time the show was continuous, also Ray Fean-drummer, sings and has a Bodhran solo. FYI a Bodhran is a Celtic hand held drum with goat skin drum head. There is now Anthony Byrne on Scottish bag pipes joins the band with vocals and Celtic (Irish/ Scottish) dancer Craig Ashurst. IMG_0061a
Some of the tweny two songs performed were: “Amazing Grace”, “Circle Of Life”,” Dream A Little Dream”, O America”, “Coast Of Galica” , “Avia Maria”, “N?L SÉ N LÁ” , “She Move Through The Fare “ that Chloë and Lisa blend together perfectly, “The Parting Glass” “Bridge Over Trouble Water” which I like this version than Simon’s and Garfunkles and “The Voice” which Susan just hits on target with power.
Though the shows are choreograph I have to say to reference previous shows, the group are more involved and lose with more improvising and with humor. This whole group is very hard working with recording and touring about 10 months every year.
Will be nice to see what composer David Downes magic happens for the next album, dvd show and tour next year. Also the Christmas tour aka The North American Symphony tour starts Nov -Dec 2013.