Behind The Veil

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by The Burning Crows
(Burning Crows Records)


‘Behind The Veil’ the full length debut release from UK rockers, The Burning Crows is an album you get your hands on because you’re looking for some high octane party rock songs about drinking, women, rocking and maybe drinking and rocking with women. This is good time rock n’ roll that takes the AC/DC/Motley Crue/Aerosmith vibe into the 21st Century. The Burning Crows is made up of, Whippz on guitars and vocals, Lance Daniels on guitar and backing vocals,  Will Lockett on bass and backing vocals and Chris Chapman on drums and backing vocals. It’s a shame music like this is ignored by mainstream radio, because modern rock stations could use a swift kick in the ass! ‘Behind The Veil’ is a steady amount of meat and potatoes rock for classic rock lovers, combined with just the right amount of sleaze to please any faithful hair metal fan out there. “Slow. Up, Get Down” is a masterpiece, just a great rock track. The smoking opener “High” and the follow up track “All The Way” kick off the album in grand fashion, and the rest of the songs, 14 total, are guaranteed to satisfy your rock and roll appetite.
Most importantly, the songs rock, and are catchy. If you like rock music hard but melodic with lots of attitude, energy and fast flying guitars, give The Burning Crows a listen. You won’t be disappointed. – Highly Recommended