SUNDAY’S BEST, EP/DVD by Hillbilly Herald

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by Hillbilly Herald(Hillbilly Herald LLC)


‘Sunday’s Best’ the latest release from L.A. based rocker Hillbilly Herald is 110%, attitude, energy, and raw talent. It’s loud, hard, naughty, greasy, gritty, irreverent, and catchy. Combining all things that rock from Stooges to AC/DC and pretty much everything else in between. Along with the audio release the boys have added a bonus DVD, which was placed before the audio disc, which I thought was genius.

The disc is of the band setting it off big time as the opening act for Slash And The Conspirators last year. I mentioned genius, talk about setting one up for the kill! After witnessing what Hillbilly Herald is all about in a live setting, the band proves that either live or in studio, you are going to get rocked! I’m talking throttled! Hillbilly Herald is, Jimmy Herald on vocals, Mark Hill on lead Guitar, Adam Wolf on bass, Hawaiian Brian on rhythm guitar, and introducing Mr. Louie “Seabiscuit” Rudiger on drums. True rock ‘n roll doesn’t require definition. It’s self-explanatory and based on a gut feeling and the unconditional devotion to the genre.

As is evident once you press and the ball busting, “Shame On Me”, fires out of your speakers. From there on expect no mercy, it’s full throttle hard rock with, “Jump Back”, “Bad Boy Bruiser” along with the last two sticks of dynamite, “Greedy” and “Sucker Punch”‘. The secret is out folks! All the hard work that Hillbilly Herald has put in with their blood, sweat and tears is finally going to pay off and give these boys the recognition they deserve! I’m here to tell you, If it’s balls to the wall hard rock you’re after, get ready to break out your air guitar and look no further. When it comes to throwing down hard rock music that pulls no punches and tells it like it is, Hillbilly Herald is just what the doctor ordered and these boys deliver the goods big time! Take my advice, sink yer teeth into ‘Sunday’s Best’, you will not be disappointed! You know you want some, come get some! – Highly Recommended