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This DC duo has been getting alot of recognition lately and after one listen to their latest EP 508 it’s obvious why. I recently had the chance to Jason Steinhauer from the band about a few things.

All Access Magazine (AAM) MK – Can you give me a history on how the two of you got together?

JS – We met at an open blues jam in D.C. back in 2010, at a place called Zoo Bar here in D.C. TJ was jamming on stage with a group of musicians who had no lead singer, just instrumental. I, Jason was waiting, my turn to play. When the guys on stage finished a song, and couldn’t figure out what to play next, I cut the line, hopped on stage, and called out “You Shook Me” by Led Zeppelin. TJ smiled, we nailed the song, and the rest is history.

AAM– You have a sound that sets you apart, but it’s inevitable that you will be compared to other two man bands a la The Black Keys and White Stripes. What do you say to people that throw out those comparisons?

JS – We don’t mind the comparisons. Those are two great bands, and two of our biggest influences. If the comparisons come with the credibility, tour schedule and success of those bands, we’ll be in good shape.

MK – Your EP has been out for over a year now. What are your plans for a new release?

JS – We’re working on a new release now. We’ve been writing and fine-tuning the material over the past few months, and recently tested the first few tunes out in the studio. We’re taking our time with this one. We want to make sure it delivers the best of who we are and makes a statement.

MK – Do you do any covers live or do you flesh out your live show with unreleased originals?

JS – Once in a while we do a cover or two. Our live show is mostly original work. We do extend some of our recorded songs and we have a whole bunch of unreleased originals that we play, some of which will be on this next record.

MK – It definitely sounds like there are more than two of you. How difficult is it to pull that off live?

JS – Not difficult at all. It’s all about creating something you can play and knowing who you are. We don’t aim to be anything more or less than two dudes playing two instruments.

MK – Was there any thought given to expanding beyond the two of you?

JS – We’ve collaborated with other musicians, and will probably continue to. The core will always be us two.

MK – Is there any kind of story behind the hidden sixth track?

JS – Just ridiculousness and living in the moment. Plus we had to prove which of us was the better rapper (the jury’s still out).

MK – You played SXSW back in March. How was that and does anything stick out as a specific highlight?

JS – SXSW was an adventure. This was our second year going, and we built off our two shows last year to play four this year. It was great professionally, we got to meet some great people and musicians. TJ’s favorite moment is a tie between hanging out with Thomas Pridgen (formally of Mars Volta and currently the Memorials) and sleeping on the streets of Austin the first night. Jason’s favorite moment was tasting the fried avocado stuffed with chicken and cheese. Slightly obsessed…

MK – I really like the videos for “Ourselves” and “Sugar, From You”. Are the ideas behind those yours or are they the work of someone else?

JS – All ours. We sketched out the ideas months in advance. We planned all the shots before filming, creating a shot list and matching it to corresponding parts of the songs. We then brought the vision to two very talented directors/videographers, added a few beautiful women, and voila. Shooting both those videos was a ton fun. Maybe the best part of being in a band is shooting a music video. It’s the best pick up line to say to a girl: “Hey, wanna be my co-star in a music video.” Never fails.

MK – You’re both from New York, but met in DC. What would you say are the advantages and disadvantages of being a musician in both cities?

JS – There are advantages to each. The big advantage of being a musician in D.C. is the scene is smaller and more accessible–and it’s very collaborative. We enjoy it.

MK – What are your plans for the rest of 2013?

JS – We’ll be in the studio this summer, releasing new material, and then playing some shows in support of the new record. We want to have fun, make music that moves people, and just be “ourselves” (pun intended). We hope anyone reading this will be a part of our 2013 by coming to a show, downloading the new record, or connecting on social media.