Stitched Up Heart Slams the Troubadour

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Stitched Up Heart

I was a bit hesitant seeing this band because I don’t really listen to the new metal music bands have been playing lately. Boy was I in for a big surprise!

I was relaxing after a grueling day at work. Kids can take the life out of you sometimes. Ernie [AAM photographer] got a hold of me and suggested I cover a metal band named Stitched Up Heart with him. I was pretty tired so I told him I’d give them a listen. I found their Facebook page, just like every band has, and listened to some songs. I was a little weary, but I wanted to hear them live. I’ve noticed that some bands sound better on produced tracks and some sound better live. Although I think their tracks are solid, I really do love their live show. Before they hit the stage, I caught up with lead singer Mixi and stand-in guitar player Merritt.

AAM: So tell us the Cinderella story here.

Mixi: Well it’s more Wizard of Oz. Kind of like find the right people for this specific situation and it works out, but it takes a while to find those people, though. Dorothy had it easy; she found exactly who she needed to get to Oz, but unfortunately we haven’t made it to Oz yet. Basically…

AAM: You’re on the yellow brick road right now?

Mixi: Yeah! Decker‘s the Tin Man, he’s our heart [laughs] and he’s so metal! He’s [Merritt] is filling in for us just on the L.A. dates and stuff. We’re dating so you know how that is.

Merritt: Yeah, I also play for Demona Mortiis and Psyclon 9.

AAM: I knew you looked familiar!Merritt: Oh yeah? Yup, that is I.

Stitched Up HeartMixi: He’s an amazing guitar player, but unfortunately you can’t shit where you eat so we can’t bring him [laughs]. We’re trying to be professional about it so, but every time we play an L.A. show he’s allowed to fill in so, he’s my Oz.

AAM: Well that’s cool! So, tell me about your influences.

Mixi: It’s weird because I listen to a lot of old big band stuff and I like jazzy stuff. I didn’t even really plan on screaming when I created this project. I just wrote the parts for screaming for somebody else and they didn’t want to do it because they were learning the parts and I just kept screaming and I was like “Okay!” I wanted to bring in the jazzy stuff and the screaming and create another dimension or something. So I guess like Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Bobby Darren, and Louie Armstrong obviously, but that’s my main thing. I’m really into post-hardcore so I was like, “How do I mix my two favorite types of music”? It’s basically what we’re trying to create.

AAM: Ella Fitzgerald? I like Billie Holiday. I think she’s really awesome.

Mixi: Yeah, I like Nancy Sinatra. I like Frank, but Nancy’s hot and so I do a “Bang Bang” cover every now and then on acoustic, but that’s very, very rare.

AAM: Are we going to hear a bit?

Mixi: No! Everyone in the band is better on guitar than I am so I don’t get to play. I just dance around like a monkey or whatever [laughs].

After a few more words and some personal stories later, it was time to head on inside to get ready for their set. Mixi joined Ernie and I at the bar and she introduced her bartender friend Leah who is one of the nicest people I’ve met. We ordered a few drinks and I just had to buy a round of shots for us. Some good ‘ol Irish whiskey will warm you up pretty quick. At last they were ready to hit the stage. What erupted from up there was this wall of sound that I didn’t expect. I was pretty much floored. I don’t want to say their songs all sound the same, but they each had their own rhythm while staying in the same tonal range if that’s an acceptable explanation. Decker definitely has a passion for metal. His drumming is intense and he looks like he truly belongs behind that cage. Grant on guitar was nothing short of amazing. His fingers tear up that fret board like its paper. Merrit on guitar and Derek on bass rounded out the rhythm section perfectly. Mixi’s vocals go anywhere from sweet to fierce. She sings passionately during lyrics and screams the hell out of her lungs when hitting a chorus. Together they create a sort of symphony of metal. There are guitar solos, drum solos and pauses that lead into another musical explosion. They played some solid songs such as “We’re Alive” and their newest single “Grave”. While they sound like a softer Avenged Sevenfold and Bullet for my Valentine with female vocals on produced tracks, their live sound is totally different. I would almost liken them to a sweeter-voiced Lamb of God live. It might be a bit of a stretch, but I hear it in the drums and lead guitar. If you want to see a throw down go live and Stitched Up Heart is in your area, go see them. They won’t disappoint you, only amaze you. That’s what it was like for me. Thanks go out to the Troubadour for hosting a great band, Ernie for inviting me, and Leah for hooking up those strong drinks for me!


Photos by Manrique Photos