Search for the Hidden Gem (2013 – vol#4)

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Bunker down for the asteroid fly by.


“Till You Decay”
Style (Rock / Metal / Alternative)

For me, including band name pronunciation instructions (KLOGR pronounced Kay-Log-Are) with the bio isn’t exactly starting off on the right foot.  This of course begs the question, if 99% of people are going to pronounce your band name incorrectly wouldn’t it be a better marketing strategy to simply change the name?  Oh you whacky European bands.  I’m not gonna beat this Italian group up too bad over the name because the music sounds pretty good and that’s what’s important.  I don’t know if it was by design or by happen stance but what  really grabbed my attention and hooked me is the vocals and the vocal effect, which has a pushed, slightly over modulated quality that reminds me of my childhood playing 45’s too loud on that little turntable I had.  Man, I loved that turntable.  And it’s that one vocal effect and the effectiveness of how it’s used that’s produced just enough uniqueness in my ears for me to stay interested and not use their CD as a target for my new throwing knives.  Along with the usual song writing formula the songs also have excellent tempo and perfectly designed intensity that rises and falls in the appropriate spots and I really dig the grungy dirty tone.  Awash in a mucked up music genre filled to the brim of too much fluff and no fold Klogr (pronounced Kay-Log-Are) in my ears has a little something to offer.

Rating 4 ½ (Hidden Gem!!)

The Beladeans

“self titled”
Style (alternative / rock / punk)

I’m coming to the party way late on this (2010 copyright) but better late than never.  What immediately grabbed me is the vintage guitar sound harkening back to those early blues recordings.  The sound is a little over modulated like being pushed against its will through a little amp with the microphone set a little too close.  This gives the overall quality a slightly de-tuned or lower key tone with lots of roughness.  It’s sort a like the high school house party rock band playing too loud for the low grade gear they have but it sounds awesome and is fun.  My favorite track is “Pay For My Sins” with its raucous chorus and energetic vibe.  Sadly the whole CD doesn’t maintain this level of party atmosphere but I’ll take what I can get.  The bands Myspace has two of the three genres listed as R&B and soul, which are two genre’s I don’t hear at all.  However I do hear a slight twinge of a likeness to Clutch, who have a certain flavor or soul and blues in their music so maybe that’s where the degrees of separation form a connection.

Rating 2 ½