Doro rocks and shakes the House of Blues at Hollywood, California

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The metal queen Doro Pesch shook the HOB on Friday night February 22, 2013.

Doro Doro’s show was over 2 hours of metal and energy that the audience could not stop fist pumping , shouting and head banging with over 20 songs and 5 encores starting the show with Warlock’s “I Rule the Ruins” then followed by “Earth Shaker Rock. The songs were combinations from Warlock and her albums. The band has been touring the US for the last five years. Though previous they were doing some east coast shows. Doro has been consistently recording and performing for 30 years is why she is the “Metal Queen” and will be with more years of music from her.

The band was non-stop energy and very interactive with the audience. Nick Douglas on Bass and Johnny Dee on drums have been with her for over 20 years with new members of the band: Luca Princiotta on guitar and keyboards and Bas Maas on guitar. They played 3 songs from the new album Raise Your Fist: The title song, “Revenge” and “Hero” which is dedicated to Ronnie James Dio. The Warlock songs were: “All We Are”, “True as Steel”, “Burning the Witches”, Johnny’s drum solo during “Metal Racer. Other songs they played were Judas Priest’s “Breaking The Law”, “Un Holy Love,” “Fur Immer”, “Metal Tango” and 4 encores she took request for that included “Love Me In Black”, “Burn It Up”, and “East Meets West and “.
The crowd wanted more and they could have played more.

Overall the night was energizing and the crowd didn’t want to end still shaking from the music and power.