Something Unto Nothing by S.U.N.

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2013 debut from the band formed by Sass Jordan and Brian Tichy. In the beginning, the members of S.U.N. agreed that in order to write the best, auto tune-free music they could, they needed to get away. So, in the mountains of Canyon Country, they found an old, deserted shack created rock music magic. Now, I ‘ve been a long time fan of Sass Jordan. So to hear her come out with a new band and new music had my full attention. The same can be said about Brian Tichy, best known as a drummer where he has rocked with the likes of Ozzy Osbourne, Whitesnake ,Slash and his own band Ball. In this band he displays his musical repertoire to its fullest. Once you press play, your rock and roll journey begins with, “Burned” setting the stage and is the perfect fire starter to get your rock and roll juices flowing. This band of rock and roll gypsies hold nothing back and just one song in and I’m hooked! It’s oblivious, what ever rock and roll mojo they conjured up in the wilderness of Canyon Country worked. The band prove that on the next two sticks of dynamite, “Crazy Head” and the nasty bluesy swagger of, “Nomad”. There is no let up from there on, 12 tracks total all are guaranteed to hit your rock and roll “G-spot”. Welcome back Sass! I also have to give props to Brian Tichy for his explosive guitar maneuvers on, “The Beginning Of The End”. Nice job brother! Over all The music this band has created on this album can be described in one word, CLASSIC! I can only imagine the smiles on the face of the band when they heard this mastered. What am I saying?! They knew they hit a grand slam! As a dedicated rocker, I thank them for doing so. Let’s hope this is only the beginning of something very special. Lord knows the rock music scene needs a band like S.U.N. to give it a swift kick in the ass! Proofs in the pudding people, this band is damn good. All you have to do is listen.

Highly Recommended