Search for the Hidden Gem (2013 – vol# 3)

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Legacy of Disorder

“Last Man Standing”
Style (hardcore)

Hardcore from the land of the Tasmanian Devil, Legacy of Disorder delivers a solid effort with their latest offering. Like a dog that snarls and growls with teeth dug deep into the chew toy, the energy level overall is raw and aggressive. However, eventually wrestling the slimy chew toy from Fido gets a bit boring and played out. LOD’s songs have solid bones but like the chew toy there are spots where the edges lose their luster and get weak and overused. To LOD’s credit they’ve recognized where the low energy is, or have strategically placed the slower pace within the CD to give me time to get a fresh beer from the fridge, because the next song kicks up the energy and is back on the rails.

Rating 3 (hardcore with vocals recognized as being of the English language)

Street Light Suzie

“The Red Album”
Style (Rock / Indie)

The opening track “Cowboy” got my attention with its slow moodiness but then the song hit the rascally chorus and that once a month gig at the Watering Hole shows and I’m wondering if I can get an extra side of Jim Beam to help get this and lunch down. I’ll hang around for the second track “Perro del Diablo” because it’s got a cool vibe and a cool title. I’m jumping past track 3 to get to the serviceable uptempo rendition of Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game” (the 4th track) but after that I’ve hit my limit and I’m too damn thirsty to stick around waiting for my bartender to pour another Jim Beam.

Rating 2


Self titled ???
Style (hardcore)

If the point of this was to create the musical accompaniment for a workout infomercial on how to stay in shape bashing out hardcore noise (“Get Ripped in 20 days Bro!!!) then I’d say goal achieved. If the goal was to create a plain vanilla hardcore record that it sounds like the other 999 bands with the same boring style borrowing the same howler monkey then again I’d offer congratulations for another goal achieved. Two for two isn’t bad. However, if the goal was to write a hardcore record with some sort of individualism showcasing the uniqueness of what Invader brings to the hardcore table this is a complete failure. The consolation prize being able to participate in hardcore night at Jimbo’s Saloon every 3rd Friday with the other 8 acts that sounds exactly the same. At least sounding this vanilla means if one band or guy goes down there’s another just like it to fill in. Hardcore or not where is the originality, where’s the differentiating substance? Vanilla is one thing but these guys didn’t even try to give us a little extra flavor. No French vanilla, no Tahitian vanilla, no Mexican vanilla, just plain ol’ flavorless factory produced vanilla.

Rating 1 (thanks for the plainness)

Walt Wilkins

Style (Americana / Acoustic)

Sometimes a second look is worth the time. A couple months ago when I first listened to this CD it didn’t catch my ear. But I came back to it this week and this time around it’s resonating with me. What’s brought me around to Wilkins’ music is his easy song pacing and comfortable tone accompanied by honest lyrics, and an unforced natural vocal style. I played through this CD and it helped me decompress from the chaotic cacophony of the days stresses. No fake 10 gallon hats with designer jeans and over blown belt buckles here. I’m no longer in a hurry to get to where I need to go.

Rating 3 ½