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(Black Glove Records)


It’s been 2 years since their debut ‘Everybody’s Strange’ and once again on their 2nd record, those witty Britty power popsters Ulysses bring us music worth listening to. Action packed with slightly heavier than usual drums, hey check this out guitar solos and driving bass lines, all hidden behind sugary coated lead and backing vocals. These are well written songs with tongue in cheek lyrics, telling stories involving characters (“Mrs.Drawnel”, “Dominoes Ace” and “April Showers”) and situations that could be from any era, just like the music. Folks this is psychedelic power pop with the foot stomping beats of glam rock minus the glitter. The four UK musicians (who all can sing apparently) Luke Smyth on vocals/guitars, Julyan Wells-Cathedral on bass, Tom Sartoryal on guitars/percussion and Shane Maxymus drums , rock and roll up their sleeves, showing off their skills and influences like tattoos. From the opening panned rhythm guitar/lead riffs, to the pounding drum fills, you know this production means business. Do both guitarists play lead? I don’t know, but if so, listen to the duel on the title track “Kill You Again” and the wah induced solo on their Sweet tribute to the glamness of yesteryear called “L.O.V.E. Yeah” and the closing track “Oh Yeah (Uh Huh Huh). Give them a listen and step back in time on a trip from the 60’s on through the arenas of the 70’s and right into your media player of the present. What a cool trip it’s been.

Highly Recommended