Antigravity Sound Machine: Eldorado Bad Reputation

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Eldorado return with their third release, ‘Antigravity Sound Machine’ and it’s a keeper. The quartet responsible for recording this amazing slab of rock and roll are, Jesus Trujillo on vocals, Cesar Sanchez on bass, Andres Duende on guitar and Javier Planelles on drums.

Taking their cues from the sounds of Humble Pie, The Faces, Deep Purple, Led Zep and The Stones. Eldorado draws a healthy respect for the greats and turns it into a contemporary and irresistible sound with a firm focus on making sure your rock and roll taste buds are completely satisfied. Satisfaction is what you get once you press play and “Maybe Forever” fires out of your speakers. That influence of the greats I mentioned are front and center with the next two tracks, “Mr. Saturn” and “Like A Lost Child”. Both having that Deep Purple meets Uriah Heep vibe. While movers like, “Another Bright Sunday” and “Space Mambo” exhibit Eldorado’ s rock solid chemistry like a well oiled rock and roll machine. All in all ‘Antigravity Sound Machine’ is an extremely well-executed album that should please fans of both classic and modern rock. If bands like Eldorado represent the future of rock & roll in the 21st Century (and by God they should), we’re in good hands.

Highly Recommended