An Intimate Moment with Mickey Jones

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We were able to sit down with Actor, Musician, and Advocate for Diabetes – Mr. Mickey Jones. I was awestruck that even though he is busy acting, advocating and dealing with kidney failure by doing dialysis for several hours a day, three times a week while searching for someone to donate a kidney, He graciously took the time to answer a couple of our questions about his acting career, music, advocating and his love for the Blues. The Ventura County Blues Festival, that is. Happening this Saturday, April 27 at Moorpark College.
(l to r) Nickymae, Mickey Jones; and RadChad, at last year’s festival.

Coauthors, written by Radchad Reynolds and Nickymae

RadChad: How did you happen to get involved ion MC’ing for the Ventura County Blues Festival and what keeps you coming back each year?

Mickey Jones: Michael John asked me if I would consider MC’ing the very first Blues Festival and I didn’t hesitate. I told him that I would be honored to do something that was going to help my community and I didn’t even tell him I was a BLUES HOUND and I keep coming back because I AM A BLUES HOUND!!!

RadChad: What is the purpose behind the Ventura County Blues Festival?

Mickey: It is a way for all of us blues lovers to get together and it helps a lot of our local charities. How can that be a bad thing?

NickyMae: I know that you played Drums with some of the Greats like Trini Lopez, Johnny Rivers, and Bob Dylan as well as with your own band “The First Edition” with Kenny Rodgers, was there a reason you moved away from music and began concentrating more on acting?

Micky: Great Question! I did have a successful music career for over 23 years. I would not trade those years for the world. I have seventeen Gold and Platinum Albums on the wall and it is proof of my years in that business. The single thing that drove me away from the music business was the constant traveling. I was on an airplane roughly 7 days a week and 10 months out of the year. I dreaded getting up and going to another airport. Since about the age of 6 to 7 years old, I had always dreamed of being an actor. Growing up in Texas I never dreamed that could be a reality. I found the woman I wanted to spend my life with and I talked her into running away with me FOREVER. She made it possible for me to pursue my dreams. It seems to have worked out pretty well.

NickyMae: Have you ever thought of going back to music full-time or are you enjoying acting more right now?

Mickey: I would never go back to music full-time. It’s still fun to dabble in it and sit in with friends but go back, NEVER. I am having too much fun acting. I am a recurring character on the hit show, “Justified”. I play Rodney “Hot Rod” Dunham. I am a bad man. I will put a bullet in your eye as quick as look at you. And you know what, I very seldom get to do that in real life. As I said, I am having too much fun acting.

RadChad: What is the most memorable moment from your music career?

Mickey: I think the most memorable moment of my music career was May 17, 1966 with Bob Dylan at the Manchester Free Trade Hall in Manchester, England. It was the night we recorded Bob Dylan, 1966, LIVE. The most memorable night of my music career.

NickyMae: We have seen you as an amazing character actor through the years, Is there any one role that sticks out more for you and if so Why?

Mickey: The most memorable roles for me would have to be when I played the title role of Ricky on The Incredible Hulk and the role of Scooter in The Fighting Temptations with Cuba Gooding Jr. and Beyoncé’. The producer of the Incredible Hulk submitted me for an Emmy. My character, Ricky, was mentally retarded and it was so much fun to play this little kid in a big body. And with The Fighting Temptations, I played this white red-neck hillbilly who became the organist for the all black Beulah Baptist Church Choir. I had to hug and kiss Beyonce’ every day. Not a bad gig.

RadChad: Do you have anything coming out in the near future that we should be on the lookout for?

Mickey: I did an episode of “Work-A-Holics” a few weeks ago and I just finished filming a show for Nickelodeon called “Dead Time Stories”. I think it will air in June or July.

NickyMae: I know that you have been dealing with Kidney failure and have been trying to find someone to donate a kidney. How is the search going and for anybody interested in donating, how can they get more information to do so?

Mickey: Thanks so much for caring about my kidney search. It has been touch and go. I had a donor in Florida who went right down to the wire. We were a couple of weeks away from doing the transplant. On her final blood draw, before she was to come to California for the transplant, they found a virus in her blood that booted her from the program. It put me back to square 1 bit I will not let that stop me from trying to find the right match. I thank all of you for your prayers of support. I will beat this in the end.

NickyMae: You are also an Advocate for Diabetes, something that has personally touched my life through my husband being diagnosed as well as my Grandmother passing away 14 years ago from complications of diabetes. How did you became involved with being an advocate for this?

Mickey: I was diagnosed with Diabetes 24 years ago. I ignored it for the first couple of years. BIG MISTAKE!!! When my wife asked me if my life insurance was paid up, it made me do something about it. Today, I monitor everything and I am doing what it takes to maintain. Remember, Diabetes is known as THE SILENT KILLER!! I would love to find a cure for this killer. I got adult on-set Diabetes. I can’t even imagine being diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes. That’s why we need to find a cure, so no kid has to go through this.

RadChad: What other charities are dear to your heart that you give your time to?

Mickey: My wife and I donate to a number of charities. We do not believe in a FREE RIDE but we do believe in being a helping hand when we can. I would hope that everyone should be charitable. It’s not up to the government to help others, it’s up to all of us. Please come out and support our Ventura County Blues Festival on April 27th and you will be supporting a number of local charities. Remember, our headliner this year is the Legendary JOHNNY RIVERS. I’ll see you there!

We would like to say Thank You to Mickey Jones for taking the time out of what we know is a very busy schedule to answer a few of our questions. For more information on the Ventura County Blues Festival and the American Diabetes Association, please visit and .