AMERICAN HONEY by Stone Machine

(Grooveyard Records)

Stone MachineComing at you like a rockin’ British blues super-group, Stone Machine walk right up, open the front door, and have your undivided attention for the next hour, laying out one blistering track after another, harking back to the days of Free, Hendrix, Humble Pie, and Bad Company. The band is made up of, Jason Mays on vocals, Dirk Blevins on guitars, Jamie Hall on bass and on drums, Jeremy Hall. Stone Machine’s sound is simple and lean. The songs have that explosive, sometimes funky, all the time soulful, southern feel to them. As is evident right off the cuff with the lead off track, “American Honey”, the swagger that this song is filled with is down- right nasty. While tracks like “Stone Cold”, “Rock N’ Roll Queen” bleed that, Free meets Bad Company vibe I mentioned. All 12 tracks offered up on this album are great and not a one filler among them. I know comparing Stone Machine to legendary bands like Free and Bad Co. is a tall order. But yes, this band is that good. Honestly, you are in for a treat like you haven’t heard since the 70’s, when weed had actual names, like Acapulco Gold, and Panama Red, where frisbees were sailing in the afternoon sun, and boom-box air guitars ruled the softball fields. Thank you Stone Machine your music has made my world a better place.

Highly Recommended