6 by Judge Jackson

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(Curtis Joe Records)

6 by Judge Jackson

‘6’ the latest release from veteran L.A. based rockers Judge Jackson is a can of “ROCK AND ROLL WHOOPASS!” It’s loud, hard, naughty, greasy, gritty and catchy with a little twang and a lot of groove. Judge Jackson bring an energy and interesting quality to their songs. You can’t help but wanna have a party with these guys and their music. Judge Jackson is fueled and powered by Todd McTavish on vocals, Lee Jackson on guitar, Brian “Chewy” James on bass and J.J.Garcia on drums. There’s no shortage of rocking with this album from, beginning to end Judge Jackson will have your undivided attention. I know they had mine. From the opening mover “Top Of The World” to the Guns N Roses induced swagger of “Done”, just two songs in and it’s quite clear what these boys want to do. Give the listener a good old rock and roll time to remember. Then there is “Keep On Truckin”, great radio-driving song that has “classic” written all over it. 14 tracks in all, each onel 100% grade A rock that is guaranteed to satisfy. Judge Jackson are flying the flag and keeping’ the rock and roll faith, in this age of “computerized machine noise”. All you have to do is get your hands on this album to hear and feel what I’m talking about. Judge Jackson, these boys are badass!

Highly Recommended