The Who Live in Texas ’75 DVD on Eagle Rock Entertainment

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The Who

The Who Live in Texas ’75 DVD on Eagle Rock Entertainment

Arguably one of the best rock’n roll bands in history The Who has a restored DVD “The Who Live in Texas ’75” on Eagle Rock Entertainment. This DVD has all the original band members…Roger Daltrey – Vocals, Pete Townshend – guitar, Keith Moon – Drums and John Entwistle — bass as they electrify their ardent fans in this documented DVD filmed in Houston, Texas November 20, 1975. This was the start of a massive tour of the US to promote The Who by Numbers, their seventh album in their 10th year of existence.

The 117 minute 25 song compilation was restored from a muddled bootleg — and may be a step up from the original but the DVD is still lacking in visual acuity. The video presentation is still amateurism and the sound is poor. Entwistle was rarely seen on the DVD.

Filmed only five years after the greatest live albums in rock, “Live at Leeds,” The Who Live in Texas ’75 lives up to the bands predecessor’s greatness. This revolutionary band changed all of the hard rock rules even the punk rockers of that time period had an affair with these rebellious rockers. The band lost their manic drummer Keith Moon in 1978 and then again bassist John Entwistle in 2002.

The DVD starts off with swagger of lead vocalist Roger Daltrey swinging his trademark microphone as Pete Townsend lead guitarist invented his trademark swinging windmill of his hands as they ease into “Substitute” igniting the stage.

“I Can’t Explain,” and “Baba O’Riley rooted this disc.Then Roger
Daltry announces the date of their 1965 hit as he belts out “Squeeze Box.” Unfortunately the studio version rings truer. Townsend belted out “How Much I Booze,” a riveting bio where there is no way out. Townsend and Daltry trade off vocal duties as Moon sings “Fiddle About” and genius Entwistle contribute their vocal antics on two separate tracks. “Behind Blue Eyes,” a defining song explodes on stage as the video utilizes some blue background scenes to enhance this disc.

The extensive “Tommy” section includes “Acid Queen,” “Pinball Wizard,” the track covered by none other than Elton John. “See Me Feel Me/Listening to You” “I’m Free,” had an energetic delivery as “We’re Not Going to Take it” finishes off part of the set.

Daltry finally spoke to the crowd…”Normally, we don’t do other people’s material but if we sing this song you know it’s going to be good.” They played “Summertime Blues,” written by Eddie Cochran as Pete Townsend jumped about the stage.

“My Generation,” is an example of Daltrey and Townsend sharing vocal duties as this punk inspired track jammed aloud Townsend again showing off his windmill guitar antics. “Won’t Get Fooled Again,” uses their iconic synthesizer sounds that also has the band using some video effects. The band leaves the stage but comes back on for an encore performance of “Magic Bus,” and a reprise of “My Generation Blues in there in addition.

While the quality of the DVD is less than par the songs are sure fires classics. This Rock ‘N Roll band are hall of famers and rightly so. You see how closely the band is and how their material stands up today. Daltry and Townsend won The Kennedy of Honors award as their fantastic songwriting was acknowledged.