The Gotham Roots Orchestra – Brainchild of Cristian Amigo

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Review by Geoff Melton


The Gotham Roots Orchestra is the brainchild of Cristian Amigo, best known as an award winning composer and producer of chamber and classical music. In 2010 he found himself devoting more time to playing his telecaster and moving toward roots and Americana music resulting in a collection called 66 Americana Songs. In order to perform these songs live he teamed up with three friends and musicians – drummer Gonzalo Martinez de la Cotera (a longtime friend since they were together in a band in the seventh grade), bassist David Gould (a classmate in the 90’s who bother were big admirers of of artists like Ali Farka Toure, King Sunny Ade, Charlie Patton and Bob Dylan) and guitarist Angela Babin who he met playing with Elliot Sharp, resulting in The Gotham Roots Orchestra.

Throughout the 5 cuts on this EP the band never strays from their rootsy foundation, but still manages to showcase their diversity from the laid-back groove of opener “Goodman Hero” and bluesy shuffle of the Steely Dan cover “Black Friday” to the gritty, blues rocker “Mississippi Bound”, which bears a strong resemblance to early ZZ Top, the epic soulful blues of the almost nine minute long “Dark Stone (Ay De Mi) which ebbs and flows from slow and bluesy to guitar driven rock and the short stripped down vocal and acoustic guitar closer “Mighty Jesus”. Biggest drawback is that the EP is only five cuts. Hoping to hear more of the “66 Americana Songs” soon. (